Why I'll Never Make Another Halloween Costume!

Why I'll Never Make Another Halloween Costume!

When it comes to Halloween, I’m usually a Party City/Target/Walmart kind of girl, but when my daughter saw two little girls dressed as Salt N Pepa last year she was determined to rock an Idol Maker jacket of her own. Then, if that wasn't enough, Beyonce and the whole fam got in Formation as SNP + Mom and it was official, I had to figure out how to make a damn Hallowejacket4en costume!

jacket2I know moms do it all the time, but I'm not that girl, that's never been my thing, mostly because I don't have the time. So trust me I scoured the internet hoping to find a affordable costume, but no luck, only dead links with high priced jackets that were ultimately sold out. But, the internet is full of wonders and led me to . . .  instructions.


Ok, so I bought the materials, I studied the instructions and we jumped in.  I WAS DETERMINED to make a costume worthy of sporting around the neighborhood. My daughter and I painted, cut letters, bought letters, and stayed up wayjacket1 late a few too many nights trying to finish before showtime - Halloween. And wouldn't you know it, as it got closer to Halloween those ready made jackets became available again when we no longer needed them. We were committed, but after 5 trips to the craft store, the high-priced-ready-made jacket was starting to sound like a good idea. But we pressed on. Even my husband had to help, he mostly had to keep me up as I finished and offered great suggestions like buying pre-cut letters vs. cutting them myself (I would still be cutting today if I hadn't taken his advice). 

Now, there's only one problem with a kid that is an only child wanting to be Salt N Pepa for Halloween. THERE ARE TWO OF THEM! So of course all of our efforts had to be times two! Twice the jackets, twice the lettering, and twice the accessories. For a novice like myself, I had certainly jumped into the deep end! I even had to put on my reading glasses that I'm in denial about in order to finish everything!

But, okay. . . . I have to admit that without a doubt it provided my daughter and me (and my husband) an awesome bonding experience. She's heard her dad and I tell our hip hop stories (a regular occurrence in our house). We've played "Push It" more times in our house than I'd care to admit. And even though we'll only get to wear them for a weekend we'll all remember this Halloween.  I also know that when she is 12 or 15 and no longer wants to dress alike with her mom for Halloween, I won't have the pleasure of complaining about how hard it was to make her costume so guess I'll treasure it now.


Salt-N-Pepa's Here!

So, irrespective of the difficulty of the task, I know that this is one-and-done for me. She already has fairy wings in her sights for next year. And they are ready-made at Party City.

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