Is There Really Such A Thing As Runner's Block?

phone-pics-apr-2015-634If Runner's Block is really a thing, then I have it. Big Time.

I started my running journey over 3 years ago and at that time I ran everything!!! I ran the Hot Chocolate, the Biggest Loser, Chicago 10K, Big Ten.  You name it, I ran it or considered it --- as long as it was a 5k. I eventually graduated to 10k's and Half Marathons but the point is that I got out there. I ran in the heat, the rain, the wind, everything except snow (ain't nobody got time for that)!

But today is a different story. It's a struggle to find the energy to even put on my cute running clothes and get out there.

I even signed up for two races that I just flat-out missed! I didn't even go to packet pick-up for one! I don't like wasting cash, but I paid for the race so far in advance that the thought of losing money already long gone was not enough to motivate me.  Plus, they agreed to mail me my swag bag so . . . there's that.

Can't Buy Motivation.

Many runners out there would agree that Runner's Block is real and at some point every runner loses the motivation, the will or the MoJo to get out there and hit the pavement.  And, the solutions offered out there are so basic that they are almost insulting: Run With A Buddy, Set Firm Fitness Goals, Enter a Challenge or a Race!

None of that worked for me. The thought of huffing and sweating at the ass crack of dawn versus sleeping an extra 30-45 mins seemed like a trick question each morning.  One day turned into tworunning-shoes and then ten and then into months.  Each morning missed set me on the downward spiral into the sedentary abyss.  And then of course when I tried to get back in the game it was even harder. I had none of the speed, the ease, the stamina, or the BREATH that I had before! And then the tingling! When you finally decide to do it again your muscles, veins, and capillaries all awaken at the same time giving you that itchy-tingly feeling that makes you just want to sign up for a Zumba class instead.  The whole experience has been worse than when I first started. I had no expectations then.

But for me there really is no substitute for hard work. Nothing has made the difference for me more than just making the personal decision  (corny as it sounds) to just simply DO IT! Everyday is a struggle. I wake up and have a mental debate with myself as to whether I have the time, energy, or will to hit the pavement. I check the weather . . . and hope for rain, even though I have a treadmill. But once I'm out there and get past mile 1, I'm in the zone.

Each day is a struggle.  I wish there was some magic, some answer, some juju that  would make it easier, but in life, there never is. Nothing has worked for me more that just deciding to put one foot in front of the other, no matter what the outcome.  PR Be Damned!

Today I decided to run and it was good.

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