Reality TV is Killing the Fantasy

real-housewivesDon't judge me.

I'm trying to overcome my addiction, but Reality TV is one of my guilty pleasures. I don't like to even admit that I watch it, but admitting is the first step.  After each season, each show, each episode I swear I'll never watch it again but somehow I get pulled back in. I guess I'm a bit of a voyeur.

Last night the Season 9 Reunion of the Real Housewives of Atlanta ended with a bang. There were no fist fights, nothing physical, but the reunion recapped a season full of lies, betrayals, arguments, gossip, false allegations, and general messiness and shade. All the stuff that most people love about reality shows. But, despite all the ratchet tea that was dished, I think I may be cured from my Reality TV addiction once and for all. I was disgusted to see grown women in designer gowns arguing about he-said-she-said drama about who lied and who threw shade.

I'm old school, old school poor to be exact, and I have always been fascinated by how people live - rich or poor. When I was little, I remember watching shows like Lifestyles of the Rich lifestyles_of_the_rich__famousand Famous with Robin Leach where he showed the homes, cars, vacations and toys of the wealthy. In my mind I think I figured that rich people lived differently than those of us who grew up on the other side of the financial "tracks".  As a kid when we pretended we were rich we talked with a slightly British accent with our heads and noses held high. We dreamed that our homes had maids and butlers who wore white gloves and assistants who ran everywhere to to fulfill our wildest requests.  Reality TV has thoroughly destroyed that myth for me. It has helped me to learn more about my favorite celebrities, athletes and personalities, sometimes more than I cared to know.

I have watched middle-aged women, with homes as big as my entire street, argue about not getting a party invitation from a friend (The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills), designer clad ladies fight in 5 star restaurants and clubs like they're on 79th Street (Basketball Wives, Love and Hip Hop), and I have even seen women argue and even spit on each other over a man flavor-of-lovethat neither one of them really dates (Flavor of Love, The Bachelor). All things that I cannot unsee! This is so not what I thought having wealth or fame would look like.  Robin Leach showed "wealth, prestige, and the good life".  Call me crazy but I want to believe that there is something more out there, something different, and I want to see it! I want to believe that there really is a world of "champagne wishes, and caviar dreams".  I don't want to believe that they "just like me". I don't want to be able to relate to them. Why else would we work so hard to attain it? Why else would the Notorious BIG "make the change from a common thief/To up close and personal with Robin Leach"?  I want that world and that life to be different.

Show me how the walls disappear at Will Smith's house or how your private chef has fresh seafood flown in for dinner, or the exclusive guest list of your celebrity party! :) All I'm saying is that if I wanted to see people be messy, tell lies on others, argue and fight, I could see that anywhere . . . and finally rid myself of this addiction.


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