I'm Dedicating the WHOLE Month the Frederick Douglass!

I'm Dedicating the WHOLE Month the Frederick Douglass!

Frederick Douglass is not having a great week. Here he is resting in peace, minding his own business, preparing for people to celebrate him for Black History Month, and then on the very first day things go left (or right in this case, I'm not totally sure). In just the first three days of February he has been assumed alive, a victim of mistaken identity, and had to accept that fact that despite his many accomplishments, he is basically Unrecognized. Uncompromised. Unparalleled. Unsung. by President Trump and all his peeps. He even tweeted from the grave urging people to RECOGNIZE only to have his Twitter account shut down!


Me and Freddy D!


Young Douglass with the Suave Side Part!

Now, my close friends know how I feel about Freddy D! Even my daughter knows. She came home a few weeks ago with his biography as her weekly read. It was a proud moment in our house!  Frederick Douglass is my favorite person in history for a whole host of reasons - taught himself to read, stood up to beatings on the plantation, escaped to freedom, became an abolitionist, suffragist, writer, and awesome orator. He developed a mean side eye and wore the most recognizable side parted natural in all of history that is the envy of natualistas everywhere - even today. Freddy was The Man!

So much so that it is devastating to me (though not surprising) that the leader of the free world seems to not even know who he was - using the vague past participle to describe his accomplishments.

“Frederick Douglass is an example of somebody who’s done an amazing job and is getting recognized more and more, I notice” - President Trump 2017

Of course the Grammar Nerd in me recognizes that using the past participle makes it unclear if he did an amazing job a week ago, two weeks, a month . . . it certainly doesn't reflect that fact that he was a hero and a game changer or that he has been dead 122 years, but when in doubt, speak in circles I always say.  But my disappointment doesn't stop there. Press Secretary Sean Spicer tried to defend the Prez with some unintelligible gobbledy gook that isn't even worth repeating. Then people, even those trying to defend his rep and put some Respeck on his name, are out here spelling it with one "s" - it's Douglass people!  I can't take it anymore! It hurts me. And, I declare that they will not continue "to do" brother Frederick! I hereby dedicate The Whole, The Entire, The Complete, Little Bitty Month of February (and three days in March to make up the difference) to Frederick Douglass.

Yes, he did do an amazing job, and the fruits of his labor should not go unnoticed or unknown.  And yes, he is being recognized more and more. And hopefully, even more. My hope is that those who didn't know are secretly typing it in to a Google search as we speak to be ready for the next press conference.

Fred, they will not forget about you!

Your name will ring out!!!

Come on BET where is his biopic? I know a few people who need to see it!

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