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Waldis Joaquin tells White Sox that the wedding is cancelled

This heart….is NOT on fire Per Scott Merkin of White The only splash the White Sox have made in the off-season thus far–even if it’s the equivalent of dropping a toenail into the bathtub, it’s a splash–appears to have been undone. Waldis Joaquin, he of the fastball in the high-90s and the ERA in... Read more »

White Sox acquire RHP Joaquin

Joaquin?  Joaquin who?  Joaquin Benoit?  I thought the Tigers signed him.  Joaquin Phoenix?  Is he a pitcher now?  Seems risky, but maybe he and Ozzie– “the White Sox on Monday claimed reliever Waldis Joaquin off waivers from San Francisco.” Uh….who?  He’s from San Fran…they had an awesome staff though, right? “His fastball has been clocked... Read more »