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The Dayan Cannon

See what I mean?
There doesn’t figure to be that much to look forward to this coming White Sox season. Well, that’s a lie.  There’s a wealth to look forward to in any team’s baseball season, including but not limited to the fact that the Sox are a mortal lock to win at least 60 games–and will probably claim... Read more »

Twitter Account Hacked

If you received a Direct Message from me on Twitter (@JRFegan), for the love of God do not click it.  It will send all of your followers the same inane message it sent me. I am very, very sorry about this. Dead giveaway is the use of ‘ROFL’.  I never ROFL.  Never!

Live From the Cubs-Sox Finale

I’m excited by the prospects of Sunday’s game. Sure, the series was decided the night before. And sure, thunderstorms are predicted for the entire day (they’re scattered, there’s a chance!) And ssuuuuurrre, my tickets are on a deck….and not in the lower one. But with reports circling that the level of unruliness during Saturday night’s... Read more »

In-Game Tweets!

As part of this whole ‘try to utilize twitter’ initiative I’m on, I’m tweeting commentary during tonight’s game versus the Detroit Tigers, follow on, a link that you don’t even have to be on twitter to follow.  If that scares you, you can just follow the real-time tweet box on the White Sox Observer... Read more »