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Ghosts of SoxFests past

The spin that came out of this year’s SoxFest sounds a little weird, but it’s nothing compared to how the rationale coming out the SoxFests of previous years sounds now.  Click the title to read at Southside Showdown   Follow White Sox Observer on Twitter @ JRFegan and on Facebook

Off-season Equinox

Off-season Equinox
I’m declaring this the off-season equinox, because it’s roughly an equal period of time since the Winter Meetings and pitchers and catchers reporting.   I’m also declaring it the equinox because it’s snazzier than saying “I’ve got nothing besides a smattering of notes”, and makes it sounds like me not having enough time to do... Read more »

White Sox finish off deals with Danks, Quentin, and Pena in time for SoxFest

Suit up, John As Jim Margalus was careful to point out the other day, players who aren’t under contract, tend not to show up to team promotional events that probably aren’t intrinsically enjoyable for them…like SoxFest.  With that almost certainly in mind, the Sox dished out contract offers to their arbitration eligible players on Tuesday.... Read more »