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Sox Drop to 4-9/Early Season Assessment

The White Sox lost again Sunday afternoon in a game that essentially ended in the 2nd inning due to a disastrous start by Gavin Floyd.  In a sense this game at least went against type for the season given that the pitching really was to blame rather than the offense.  Even with the bullpen performing... Read more »

White Sox Lose To Indians In Typical Yawn-Like Fashion

That’s all I got for now, computer malfunctions plus me trying to be social has resulted in there not being an adequate summary for this one.  I’ll make it up with a long recap of the weekend/early season assessment on how everyone’s doing later tonight.

Another Bad Loss to the Worst Team in the AL Central

The Sox dropped the opening game of a weekend series with the Cleveland Shamelessy Racist Stereotypes 6-2 in the typically uninspiring fashion that has typified their season thus far.  Cleveland pitcher Mitch Talbot went all 9, only allowing one earned run in the second start of his career.  Though I’m sure it’s because the guy... Read more »