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Instant Rationalization - So, those problems aren't going way

Instant Rationalization - So, those problems aren't going way
With the Tigers having already weathered the disappointment of a blown lead and earning a walk-off victory earlier in the day, the stage was set for the White Sox to continue their quiet descent into that good night. It was indeed quiet, because the opener of the final home series of the season failed to... Read more »

Edwin Jackson saves the day, the bullpen, and the lives of every man on that transport

Every. Last. Man. On. That. Transport. // Brian Casella, Chicago Tribune With the White Sox bullpen weakened from 25 innings of battling a lineup that features Jeff Francouer and Melky Cabrera, and the offense weakened because Adam Dunn revealed himself to be the type of guy who realizes he has a health problem after seeing... Read more »

At Least It's Not The Indians

The (Devil) Rays roll into town tonight with their perfect road record, their five guys slugging over .500 on the year, their pretty hair, their snobby attitude, and are fresh off annihilating the Boston Red Sox for four straight games.  Just yesterday they roughed up John Lackey, a pitcher widely regarded as being better than... Read more »