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If the White Sox were to trade for a pitcher, what undesirable dreck of a human being could they acquire?

Kenny Williams posing next to what he traded Jim Thome for It seems like not that long ago that the White Sox (it was 6 years) didn’t have a 5th starter so much as an infantry of farmhands they shoved out like a suicide wave.  On the way to using 13 different schlubs to start,... Read more »

Cliff Lee sent to Texas Rangers, Jake Peavy sent to Oak Park Orthopedic Surgeons

Apparently the AL Central was completely irrelevant the whole time.  Despite all the talk, and a very late night article that may have compared Kenny Williams to a fictional coke addict (questionable decision), Minnesota and Chicago wound up having as good of a chance to land Cliff Lee as the Cleveland Indians ( and man,... Read more »

I for one, am excited about Danie--Oh what the hell! We're already talking about Cliff Lee??!

There’s a point in the movie The Royal Tenenbaums where Richie Tenenbaum seeks out his wayward and troubled childhood friend Eli, in attempt to reach out to him.  He knows Eli is troubled and needs help, and this is doubly confirmed when Richie finds him sitting in a room with a few questionable characters and... Read more »

Minnesota Twins are ready to eat Cliff Lee's contract, I am ready to eat glass

Get rid of that jersey, Cliff! Per the Seattle Post-Intelligencer (something tells me there are no newspapers in Alabama with such a name), the Minnesota Twins have gone all crazy and posed an actual offer to the Seattle Mariners for ace starter Cliff Lee. In addition to elite-but-rendered-irrelevant-by-Joe-Mauer catching prospect Wilson Ramos, the Twins are... Read more »

Cliff Lee to Twins Rumors Are Terrifying If True

If you’re like me, and you were driving after 5 on your way home from work Tuesday afternoon, and flicked on 670 AM the Score, you probably heard two random talking heads flapping about the Mariners trading Cliff Lee to the Twins like it was some sort of done deal.  If you were anywhere near... Read more »