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Pitchers & Catchers - Forced to interact!

Pitchers & Catchers - Forced to interact!
[Edit: It has come to my attention that White Sox pitchers and catchers don’t actually report until tomorrow, February 23rd.  By “come to my attention”, I mean that every other Sox blogger I read was operating under the correct date, and I inexplicably opted to go with the information from some website dedicated to Spring Training... Read more »

White Sox Week That Was - 6/13-6/19: Let's just act like you turned a corner

He ain’t gonna make it. // Norm Hall, Getty Images This week was one uncharacteristically light on baseball for the White Sox, with only five games thanks to an off day and a rain delay.  Perhaps that’s a good thing.  The Sox are still 35-38 on the year, so they’re kind of below average at... Read more »

It's Getting Close to Time to Be Excited - Sox Win 4th In a Row Behind 5th Straight Quality Start

Notice that I said that it’s getting close to time to be excited, and not actually the time yet; the team is still only 28-33 and while their struggles may have driven most Sox fans to desperation, desperation does not equate insanity.  Still the White Sox are officially rolling for perhaps the first time all... Read more »

Can't We Play This Game 4 Years Ago? - Buehrle vs. Silva - Pitching Preview

Carlos Silva has never been that great.  His best two seasons as a starter were his first two.  In 2004 he compiled a 14-8 record with a 4.21 ERA, but had a WHIP of 1.429, and gave up an utterly insane 255 hits in 203 innings, whereas in 2005 he went 9-8 with a 3.44... Read more »