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The White Sox don't crank out great position players, and other notes

The White Sox don't crank out great position players, and other notes
Two quotes stuck out to me this week in the wake of my overindulgence of Baseball Prospectus content. ┬áThe first was Jim Callis of Baseball America saying on a podcast “you win with┬ástars”, and the second was Steve Goldman and Ben Lindbergh asking in their preview of the White Sox, “Is this the worst offense... Read more »

Gavin Floyd finally isn't screwed out of a win!

You’re probably rolling pretty good if the worst start out of your last five outings is worth 6.2 innings and 2 earned runs.  You’re probably pretty unlucky if that worst start is the only instance in which you’ve been credited with a win.  And if your record in the previous four starts where you posted... Read more »

Hello, Old Friend

When I said that the Sox were in a stretch of schedule for most of May where they could really get things going and start making up ground, I based a lot of that on the fact that they had six games against the Royals during this stretch.  And I said this before the Royals... Read more »

A Deceptive Blowout - Sox Win 9-2

Anyone who watched the past two games knows that the White Sox absolutely deserved to win Monday night, and that the Kansas City Royals absolutely deserved to win on Tuesday night.  Yet while Wednesday night’s game will inevitably be given an AP recap that contains the words ‘blowout’, ‘rout’, or ‘puppy murder’, whether the Sox... Read more »