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Instant Rationalization - Home runs once again prove useful

Of recent, the White Sox offense has come under criticism for being too home run-dependent.  This is one of those fun criticisms, since it inevitably involves nights where the offense dominates via an endless wave of home runs. Wednesday was one of those nights, Thursday was one of those nights!  What fun! Plus, as the... Read more »

Shoddy offense, housekeeping, links, punch & pie

How many people who appear to be dancing from afar are actually being hit in the face? // Fred Thornhill, Reuters There’s no punch & pie, so let’s just get that out of the way to start. The White Sox lost 4-2 to the Blue Jays Friday night, managing just three hits off of a... Read more »

Bobby Jenks Ruins Mother's Day-Weekend Wrap-Up

Sunday’s pink-highlighted affair was a frustrating effort from the Chicago White Sox long before Bobby Jenks ambled onto the mound in the ninth.  Gavin Floyd vacillated wildly back and forth between the dominant pitcher with the best stuff on the staff who could lead the team in strikeouts, and the headcase with control problems who... Read more »

About Last Night...

Yes, Jake Peavy’s performance gave us a puncher’s chance at finishing over .500 for the homestand.  Yes, I saw it.  I’ll cover it and today’s latest chapter in the Gavin Floyd saga in a weekend wrap-up extravaganza.

Peavy Pitches Tonight, That Means We Have a Chance, Right? Right? RIGHT?!? DON'T LIE TO ME!

Jake Peavy pitches tonight, fresh off demolishing the Kansas City Royals, a franchise of such offensive ineptitude that their last 30-HR guy was Jermaine Dye.  Think, think about how long ago that had to be.  Still, one can at least hold out a modicum of hope that Jake, the Jakester, J-Pizzy, Jake and the Fat... Read more »

Sox Drag Out Process of Disappointing Fans Longer Than Usual, Lose 7-4 in 12 innings

Unlike last night, this was not a game that I could begin writing a recap before the end of, as the fate of this game was continually in doubt, and what was taken away from this game would be colored heavily by the extra-inning result.  Would this be example of steely resolve from the Sox... Read more »

Welcome Back, Crappy Version of the White Sox!

Let’s admit it, last night made us very uncomfortable.  The White Sox worked counts, came up with clutch two-out hits, and did a lot of things that probably made lifelong Sox fans; people who have followed the team and its habits, pretty darn uncomfortable.  I mean, why wasn’t Gordon Beckham striking out?  How was Freddy Garcia... Read more »

Not Good.

Fresh off a mildly encouraging series where the Sox took 2 out of 3 from the last place Royals, the Pale Hose welcome to town the red-hot Toronto Blue Jays, who seem all set to buzzsaw the Sox with their excellent pitching (and awkward team hugs).  I am afraid. At the very least, not all... Read more »

Freddy Garcia Takes Night Off, Yet Still Makes Start in White Sox Loss

Consistency is not normally something delivered from the fifth starter slot, and that was eloquently exemplified by Freddy Garcia tonight who managed to not do any of the things right he did on Saturday.  For their part, the Sox matched him with uninspired at-bats, baserunning gaffes, three runs entirely provided by home runs, and another... Read more »

Sox Should Win Tonight...Or you know, at least try

Having already achieved their goal of actually winning a game in Toronto, the White Sox have a chance to take 3 out of 4 from a team that has started the season well, but by all accounts should be pretty horrible this year.  The Sox will throw out Freddy Garcia tonight, who during his last... Read more »