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Instant Rationalization - More homers needed

After Monday night’s festivities, the White Sox allegiance to the home run was a celebrated and revered element of their personality.  I would offer that it still should be–building a lineup around power hitters while playing in a band box is a sound strategy. But the absurd caricature of the approach that the White Sox... Read more »

Instant Rationalization - Sale can't get 3rd outs, White Sox can't stay in 1st place

The one solace the White Sox had after Friday night’s Verlander-ing, was that they would at least have pitching mismatches in their favor the next two days.  Going into Saturday, starters Chris Sale and Rick Porcello had a two-and-a-half runs of difference in their ERA…in Sale’s favor. Porcello hasn’t faced the Sox since May 6th,... Read more »

Delayed Rationalization - Sick 6th sinks Sox' shot at sweep

Delayed Rationalization - Sick 6th sinks Sox' shot at sweep
Huge leads aren’t really typical of the White Sox approach, and after Tuesday afternoon fans may grow to have a healthy distrust of them altogether. With the offense having finally gotten to Tigers’ starter Max Scherzer in their already third matchup of the season, and de-facto ace Jake Peavy on the hill staked to a... Read more »

The last great Juan Pierre game

The bizarre report of the Tigers being interested in Juan Pierre to fill the gap created by the Victor Martinez injury inspired me to look at his last shining moment in a White Sox uniform.  Click the title to read the post at Southside Showdown.   Follow White Sox Observer on Twitter @ JRFegan and on Facebook