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The free agent market seems kinda crazy

The free agent market seems kinda crazy
Previously, we explored the concept that Kenny Williams’ free agency ventures of recent have been less than fruitful.  If you count the Rios waiver claim–and when you absorb 4 1/3 years and $55 million, why wouldn’t you?–it’s been $54 million for 2.8 fWAR for all new signings since the close of the 2008 season. The... Read more »

WSO Playoff Primer - NL

WSO Playoff Primer - NL
In a continuation from the decreasingly analytical AL playoff primer, here’s the WSO NL playoff primer! The National League features a style of play where the pitchers hit, and the game is thus more pure.  It’s not about chubby beer-leaguers swatting home runs, it’s about athletes and real ballplayers winning with pitching and defense, strategy and... Read more »

White Sox player wrap-ups - Andruw Jones

Hi Andruw! I still haven’t quite gotten worked up enough to address the season of Carlos Quentin yet.  That’ll require a heck of a lot of mental preparation.  It’ll take some Dunkin’ Donuts brand grounds in the coffee machine, a DVD of Evolution in Xbox (it makes me angry because it should have been a... Read more »

What if we lived in a world where Andruw Jones was better than Carlos Quentin?

As someone who watches baseball pretty much every day, this question is pretty much as absurd as it gets.  Quentin is a young slugger with a tremendous penchant for driving balls low in the zone and the ability to take it out to all fields.  He’s certainly had a year that has achieved around 60%... Read more »

Who's to blame for White Sox slide?

…..cuz somebody’s gotta get blamed Late-season swoons are never fun.  There’s just no joy in watching a sudden bad stretch of games burst through the window and hold a knife to the throat of your playoff hopes as everyone screams in terror.  But it’s worse if you can’t even find some poor schmuck to pin... Read more »

White Sox have two days to fish themselves out of Lake Michigan

It’s a metaphor If one is an incident, two is a coincidence, and three is as far back as you ever want to be in a division race halfway through August, then the White Sox have fumbled (literally) their way to the doorstep of rendering their June comeback to contention super-irrelevant.  3 games back is... Read more »

Three mind-blowing things about the White Sox

Count this weird-ass photo as another surprising part of the 2010 season I’m not really known for seeing things coming.  In many cases I’ve been cited as being oblivious beyond reason. “There’s a lot waiting for you if you’d just open your eyes for once.”-Woman I would eventually become involved with “Guh.” [Rolls eyes]-Woman I... Read more »

Dayan Viciedo's lost season

The White Sox minor league system is awful.  I would call it a barren wasteland of festering rat corpses fed on by disease-carrying locusts, but that would not only be over-stating things, but it would add an element of whimsy to a fairly serious situation.  Even the most run-down of Pennsylvania coal towns haven’t been... Read more »

Mark Kotsay - Cursed by God

One of the first things google prompts you to search for once you’ve entered in ‘Mark Kotsay’ is ‘Mark Kotsay’s wife’.  I took the bait, and yes, it seems that there is no way in hell Mark Kotsay is actually cursed by God, but that was never the point.  Mark has had some incredibly rotten... Read more »

Could Mark Teahen be the left-handed bat the White Sox are looking for?

What a picture. What a sport! Well, no…of course not. But can he be the left-handed bat the White Sox settle for?  In the words of Hawk Harrelson after three John Daly’s (iced tea + lemonade + vodka), “Hell yes!” I’ve never been big on the Teacup, The Tea Party, Tea(r)drop….sigh, nicknames are hard.  But... Read more »