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Instant Rationalization - This game would have been really awful without the homers

In some respects, this was the worst-played game of the season, or at least a contender.  But it was exciting, and for a moment in the 8th–closely contested! Jake Peavy  was pretty messy on the night–he couldn’t work the inside of the plate, was sprayed into right field all game, and hit the 100-pitch mark... Read more »

Instant Rationalization - The third movie is always the worst one - Sox drop the last Sale-Mendoza tilt

Due to the oddities of scheduling, Chris Sale and Luis Mendoza have squared off on three occasions this season.  Due to the oddities of baseball, each game has been a pitching duel demanding everything the White Sox Cy Young candidate has. In the first meeting, a fatigued Sale battled through 10 hits in eight innings... Read more »