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Instant Rationalization - Prolonged periods of anxiety rewarded with victory

Chris Sale and the White Sox triumphed over Yu Darvish and the Texas Rangers, clearly such a performance produced a night of easy pleasures. Almost. First, any semblance of the pitcher’s duel was erased early. ┬áControl problems and a pop-up misread by Josh Hamilton flung Yu Darvish into a 1st inning ordeal that he needed... Read more »

What should carry over from Opening Day

What should carry over from Opening Day
Sports Illustrated’s Joe Sheehan says he doesn’t like to comment on the opening couple of games, because there’s nothing to do but comment on but small samples. That’s a bit self-limiting, because it’s also a point of the season where interest and fan investment might be the highest–if Chris Rongey fielding calls about Konerko not... Read more »

Oh, another shutout

He was safe. This is your highlight. // Tim Heitman, US PRESSWIRE The White Sox got shutout 4-0 by the Texas Rangers Monday night…no, this Monday night.  Like all shutouts, it seemed eminently possible after the first time Rangers starter Alexi Ogando got through the batting order.  White Sox hitters couldn’t line up Ogando’s 95... Read more »