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MLB Network Show "The Club" reveals Kenny Williams isn't a stats guy

It was probably already pretty apparent, if not oppressively obvious, that the White Sox were not a team governed by advanced sabermetrics.  Stat guys would cringe at any attempt to use Mark Teahen, Carlos Quentin, Josh Fields, or Jermaine Dye on defense, stat guys would have predicted Billy Koch’s HR/Fly Ball percentage normalizing, and stat... Read more »

First two episodes of White Sox TV show "The Club"...oh man

There’s no telling where Ozzie’s hand will go on this week’s episode. The first two episodes of White Sox reality show “The Club” are sitting patiently on my DVR.  The trailer for this show promised Ozzie pledging to kill himself for his employer, Kenny Williams acting like Patrick Bateman, and a lot of very serious... Read more »

The White Sox reality show "The Club" is all kinds of awesome

So apparently I have MLB Network.  I didn’t know this.  But this means that every week, I can watch the MLB Reality TV show “The Club”, an ‘in-depth’ look at the White Sox’ inner-workings.  Too bad the next airing of the first episode isn’t till Friday.  I. Am. So. Recording. This. And it’s not just... Read more »