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James makes a guest appearance on the Oral Sox podcast, kicks Will Ohman while he's down

Adam & Jeff were nice enough to have me on their most recent podcast to extrapolate more on how Will Ohman doesn’t deserve sympathy for how he was used by his last two managers. He might deserve sympathy for being brought into a role where he wasn’t needed, and thus was doomed to be found... Read more »

Guest Spot on Oral Sox Podcast

Adam and Jeff of the Oral Sox Podcast were kind enough to have me on for a bit to discuss the team’s mini-comeback of late, Alex Rios’ mini-resurgence, the mini-problem of Omar Vizquel, and why I’m a mini-curmudgeon about Zach Stewart. They get a bit bawdier than I do on here, so be a little... Read more »

White Sox player wrap-ups - Brent Morel

White Sox player wrap-ups - Brent Morel
Until next season starts, this is your standard Brent Morel action shot If you’re like me, and there’s a very good chance you’re not, then you’re presently sweating bullets waiting for some word on the Konerko decision.  To ease us through these challenging and digestion-altering times, let’s relax and look back at the warm vibrations... Read more »

Oh, You Should Have Listened to My Radio Appearance

If you HAD listened to my radio appearance on WGN AM 720, you probably wouldn’t have bothered to click on this link.  I take your presence on this page as an admission of guilt, and I judge you…harshly. But all is not lost.  In fact, absolutely nothing is lost.  Because you can listen to the... Read more »