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This Awful Moment in Time - A Live Game Chronicle of White Sox vs. Royals

This Awful Moment in Time - A Live Game Chronicle of White Sox vs. Royals
I haven’t written any live game blogs this year, and for good reason.  It’s a cumbersome, goofy gimmick that doesn’t allow me much time to gather my thoughts and provide cogent analysis.  Also, it’s an idea I picked up from reading Bill Simmons as a teenager, and I’ve been trying to strip his influence away... Read more »

White Sox-A's Live Game Blog! Hellloooooo Oakland!

White Sox-A's Live Game Blog!  Hellloooooo Oakland!
Heh….yyyyeeeeaaaaahhhhh The White Sox are 11 out, they’re only 8 over .500, and they may drop behind the Tigers for 3rd place.  The only way things could get more dire were if Kenny Williams were negotiating a contract extension with Scott Linebrink RIGHT NOW as I type.  Hold on, I’m going to fetch a few... Read more »

White Sox Live Game Blog TONIGHT!

White Sox Live Game Blog TONIGHT!
MAXIMUM EFFORT! It’s the last live game blog of the year for White Sox Observer, and it couldn’t come at a less interesting time.  The White Sox have lost a whopping 7 in a row, and are only 5 games closer to 1st place than the Cubs, and the A’s….well….it’s always unclear whether management cares... Read more »

White Sox vs. Mariners Live Game Blog!!!

So by now, you’re coming to this after the game is over, which is perfect, and I know it’s what I would do.  Also, you benefit from me having cleaned up all the typos and adding pictures.  Everyone, in theory, wins. Hellooooooooo Seattle!  It’s Game 2 of a three-game set in the town that self-involved... Read more »

White Sox vs. Rangers - Live Game Blog

Greetings from Not-Texas! It’s a rarely seen Friday night, for-the-most-part sober live game blog.  Amidst all the hub-bub about Bulls free agency activities, the not-that-intrinsically-exciting 40-37 White Sox face off against the red-hot Texas Rangers who sit at 47-31 and have won 17 out of their last 21.  Yeeesh. The Sox are going to throw... Read more »

Live Game Blog!!!!!! Nationals vs. White Sox

So here we are.  The White Sox face the Nationals this afternoon live on Fox.  At present, there seems to be some cheesy feature on TV about tying your shoes before you workout, with Prince Fielder and a kid with poofy hair. Right now, the mood in the room with baseball neophyte Bill Bullock and... Read more »

Sox-Twins Live Game Blog!

So an internet service lapse due to my phone line being repaired forced me to race out to the North side to good friend Bill Bullock’s apartment to watch tonight’s showdown with the Twins.  The takeout food is Tacqueria Moran, there’s Cilantro on my fingers, and Newcastle is the beer.  Freddy is on the mound,... Read more »

Live Game Diary Today-Right Now

Perhaps live game blogs are the type of thing that one wants to announce beforehand, but I’ve always found that it’s just as fun to read a funny writer reacting to things as they happened after the game as over as it is to read while they’re writing.  Or at least it is with Bill... Read more »