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Could Jenks already be back?

When I wrote a week ago that the White Sox couldn’t afford to keep Bobby Jenks in the closer role while he went through the process of rediscovering his stuff (I’m not linking back to that thing, it makes me look like a moron now), I made the assumption that it would actually be a... Read more »

Nationals willing to trade Dunn for Hudson and a legit prospect - It could be worse

Normally I like to show pictures that emphasize Dunn’s gut, but I say do the deal on the basis of this photo alone If you believe anything that Kenny Williams says (I usually don’t, but it’s a personal choice) then the White Sox are perfectly content to stand pat with the spunky bunch of go-getters... Read more »

Could Mark Teahen be the left-handed bat the White Sox are looking for?

What a picture. What a sport! Well, no…of course not. But can he be the left-handed bat the White Sox settle for?  In the words of Hawk Harrelson after three John Daly’s (iced tea + lemonade + vodka), “Hell yes!” I’ve never been big on the Teacup, The Tea Party, Tea(r)drop….sigh, nicknames are hard.  But... Read more »

White Sox probably need one more piece

White Sox probably need one more piece
Sigh, I just read through all of the “Fire Sale Guide” article on Sox Machine that was written back in May, and it was very striking to think that this team barely had enough talent to draw a decent amount of prospects if they gutted the roster then and there.  But nowadays we get to... Read more »

What effect do gut-wrenching losses have on the White Sox?

On back to back nights in a fairly important series against perennial division rival Minnesota, the White Sox lost with the tying run on base and their best hitters at the plate.  The old adage says that it’s better to go down with your best, and that phrase was surely developed before the internet age... Read more »

Gordon Beckham....I'm just saying it's possible....perhaps....that he's back

In the 24-hour sports blogosphere, too often writers are dragged into trying to draw traffic by taking outlandish stances, making crazy predictions, or trying to identify trends based off of absurdly small sample sizes. And I’ll be damned if I allow myself to be left out. With numbers like a .224 BA, 4 HR, 24... Read more »

If the White Sox were to trade for a pitcher, what undesirable dreck of a human being could they acquire?

Kenny Williams posing next to what he traded Jim Thome for It seems like not that long ago that the White Sox (it was 6 years) didn’t have a 5th starter so much as an infantry of farmhands they shoved out like a suicide wave.  On the way to using 13 different schlubs to start,... Read more »

Bringing back Paul Konerko can't be an emotional decision

Paul Konerko breaks into his home-run trot after hitting a grand slam in the 7th inning of Game 2 of the 2005 World Series—SEE! You’re already getting emotional! I’ve been trying to gradually break out of the extremely alluring habit of ripping apart everything Phil Rogers writes.  Sure enough, I had problems with what he... Read more »

Mid-Season White Sox Grades - Starting Pitching

Just like a ‘social’ drinker, the White Sox rotation has gotten into the groove as proceedings have worn on. The White Sox are 49-38, are in 1st place in the AL Central, and are at such a location almost unquestionably due to the strength of their starting pitching. Which probably makes it somewhat curious that... Read more »

The Chicago White Sox are in 1st Place; and could be there to stay

Normally I think this mascot is an eyesore, but we’re in 1st place, and he’s taunting the Royals. The readers have been a tad disappointed that during this run of fantastic success for the White Sox I’ve been spending time doing things like pointing out that Daniel Hudson might get traded, or reflecting on how... Read more »