Farewell to 2012, thanks for your support, and good luck with whatever is happening next

Farewell to 2012, thanks for your support, and good luck with whatever is happening next
Thank you to....some of these guys // David Richard-US PRESSWIRE

White Sox baseball is gone.  That means our daily retreat, a three hour docudrama filled with subplots, tidy conclusions to every episode, and compelling season-long plot arcs, is gone.  Television is going to be a lot worse now.

That's what I'll miss the most.  Shifting my mindset from playoff rosters to speculating on a firesale, or thinking about the 2015 outfield will be easy enough and won't take very long.  But not having a lineup to quibble about, double play turns to watch, readers and colleagues to riff on the ebbs and flow of the game with...that will start getting lonely pretty quick.  This blog gives me an excuse to talk to an endless supply of sharp people about White Sox baseball every day, and that's just the best.

I have so many, so many people to thank for making this possible.  First of all, thanks to Jimmy Greenfield and Chicago Now for giving me this space and supporting my work.  I looked at some of my early posts on Blogger from March of 2010, and have to say that Jimmy made quite a leap of faith.

Thanks to Chris Lamberti for his consistently wonderful work and diligent research, and for probably writing all the most popular posts of the year.  Thanks to Kevin Wallace, for saving me on countless occasions by staying up late into the night to recap games, even though the Sox managed to lose every single one he was assigned to.

Thanks to the beat writers, Dan Hayes of CSN Chicago, Daryl Van Schouwen of the Sun-Times, Mark Gonzales of the Tribune, Scott Merkin of MLB.com, and Meghan Montemurro of the Northwest Herald for dutifully providing the info that I feed off of for my work.  Thanks to JJ Stankevitz too, of course, for doing whatever his job title actually is.  Thanks to Matt Spiegel for pimping the really sappy piece on Buehrle I wrote on the radio.

Thanks to fellow bloggers Jim Margalus, Mark Primiano, Larry and Colin from South Side Sox, Tom Fornelli from South Side Asylum, Matt Adams and Nick Shaefer from Southside Showdown, Adam and Jeff from Oral Sox Podcast, and Brett Ballantini at Poetry in Pros.  The work of my colleagues shapes and guides my thinking more than I will ever realize or appreciate.  I was lucky enough to meet some of them this year, and have a few new friends to show for it.

But most of all, thank you, for lending some of your time--any time at all--to read White Sox Observer.  I see every tweet, every like on Facebook--and try not to fall behind too far on the comments--and I appreciate them all so very much.  Just a kind word from one of you guys gives me a buzz for days.

I don't how long this blog has left.  Not that I have any plans of ending it anytime soon, but starting graduate school and getting engaged this season have both provided a glimpse into the type of outside commitments that could one day sap away the oceans of free time I commit to this place.  I'm grateful to have been able to do this for three years; here's to at least three more.

We head into an interesting future.  A new GM is coming, a new organizational method...may be coming.  Everyone might be getting traded, almost no one is getting their option picked up, the back end of the starting rotation may be pieced together with pipe cleaners and fishing wire, and I can't wait to get started talking about all of it with all of you.


Thanks again.


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