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It is my mild pleasure to announce that the hellish schedule that has been limiting my mid-week production only has two weeks left to it.

But that's not all the navel-gazing minutiae I have in my quiver.  As you may have noticed, the blog's comment section has switched to Facebook-format, meaning any anxiety over creating a Chicago Now account has now been removed from the list of reasons keeping you from commenting.  If you have a Facebook account, you should already be logged into comment the moment the page is loaded, because Zuckerberg is good at selling your information like that.

The new system does not send me an email when someone comments, so bear with me if I don't respond for a while because I didn't notice the comment was there.  Also, if you're on Facebook, why not 'like' White Sox Observer on Facebook?  It allows you to see updates in your news feed when I make a post, and occasionally contains independent statements of loving devotion for my readers.

You might have noticed two new entries to the blogroll.  Longtime White Sox twittersphere mainstay Rob Warmowski has started his own blog.  Also returning is former Sox beat writer Brett Ballantini.  The many months since Brett's departure from CSN allowed for memories of the insight and wit he brought to the beat to erode, but it quickly comes back reading through his dissections of the Chicago sports media.  His most recent post is a more tame profile of the 1906 White Sox.

There's also a non-White Sox link on there, to Angela Davis Fegan's website.  She's a virtuoso visual artist first, and my sister second.

Finally, there is a White Sox "Tweetup" among fans (really not sure how I feel about that word) taking place at Saturday's game.  I'll be there and with the group, but I also don't have a smartphone, so there are limitations.  But I'll be in Section 112 in a black Alexei Ramirez jersey and a hat autographed by Frank Thomas if anyone wants to say hello.


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