DeWayne Wise is back to provide...something

DeWayne Wise is back to provide...something
DeWayne, when we last saw him // Jim McIsaac, Getty Images

Well, serves me right for speculating logically.

Dan Johnson will not be getting a cup of coffee for a week while Konerko sits on the disabled list, it will be someone far more familiar with the beverage.

34 year-old OF DeWayne Wise was made the 13th Charlotte Knight to make the voyage to Chicago.  Robin Ventura said he "likes the flexibility" Wise offers.

I'll bet he does.

Robin has a clubhouse full of tired vets to think about, and would love the opportunity to cycle nights-off to all of the sore backs in his lineup for a week.  It's not a bad goal, and certainly worthy of consideration.

However, what it has prompted is the addition of a player who doesn't bring anything to the roster not already provided by Jordan Danks.  Wise is a left-handed, plus-fielding, no-hit outfielder with a career .222/.258/.381 batting line.  He has a little bit of pop--as evidenced by his small power spike in the whopping 63 plate appearances the Yankees gave him--but also can't get on base.

Jordan Danks is equally troubled at the plate, left-handed, and a better defender.  As he showed last night, he fulfills the standard of being a decent enough lefty hitter that he makes managers pay when they fail to pull their side-arming righty specialist out of the game.  That's pretty much what Wise can be expected to do.

Robin won't be tempted to break off his rest schedule now, but that goal is achieved through roster filler.  Even bringing Johnson up to be a league-average bat that sits on the bench until further notice would have more utility.

But yeah, good to see D-Wise again, great memories and all.


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