Zach Stewart--HERO

Zach Stewart didn't have a whole lot of success with the White Sox in the 1st half.  He actually struggled a great deal, drew a lot of ire from a variety of sources, and wound up traded and stuck on the Red Sox AAA team by the end of June.

Perhaps even, it's out of guilt that I attract attention to his brightest moment of the season.

Nevertheless, it bears mentioning that on a mid-May evening, after John Danks sputtered--allowing five runs, and exiting in the fourth inning after allowing two runners to reach and not recording an out--Zach was who Robin Ventura turned to.

He came in because that's a type of situation that the worst reliever gets thrown into, but instead of putting the finishing touches on a blowout, Stewart held the line.  He escaped the 4th inning unscathed, threw two more scoreless frames, and was rewarded with a well-earned win after the Sox rallied from a three-run deficit to triumph 7-5.

It remains Stewart's only win on the year.


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