Morning M*A*S*H* Unit

Morning M*A*S*H* Unit
Kevin Youkilis has been diagnosed with awkward hands and is listed as day-to-day // Scott Strazzante, Chicago Tribune

A return to a tie for 1st place combined with a return to form from Captain Mufasa himself and an upcoming Wednesday afternoon date with Nick Blackburn offers a host of immediate delights for White Sox fans.

The White Sox plane crashed into the mountain this past weekend, and now two days, two wins, six homers, and 18 runs later, and with the most goofily outsized pitching matchup on the horizon, everyone is rushing to offer their alibi for how they were keeping calm when all those meatballs we would never be caught dead with were overreacting.

Was that positive enough?  Because almost all of my news updates are about injuries

A.J.'s torso problems

The initial reports on Pierzynski's health issue that kept him out of Tuesday's lineup were vague, and minor-sounding.

AJ (rib) out of lineup

— Mark Gonzales (@MDGonzales) July 24, 2012

Then morphed into something the White Sox were just hoping to be minor.

A.J. Pierzynski has a minor strain of right oblique. Only bothers him when he swings. Day to day, according to #WhiteSox officials.

— Dan Hayes (@DanHayesCSN) July 24, 2012

Given the importance of swinging in a baseball game, that caveat isn't much comfort.  Obliques are like hamstrings in their tendency to linger and be re-aggravated when not fully rested.

Hayes got this further info from Pierzynski:

He said the afflicted area bothered him recently, but not enough to keep him out of the lineup.

"I got treatment all day (Tuesday). I'll get treatment all day again (Wednesday). Thursday, we'll see what happens, but I'm certainly hoping for Friday."

After noting Pierzynski's diminished play post All-Star break, Tom Fornelli calls shenanigans on the idea that oblique hasn't been a hindrance up until now.

Tyler Flowers has been awful all year, but also noted several times that he's struggled to adjust to part-time play.  Here comes some regularity, Tyler.

John Danks feels good while still revealing that he's far away

John Danks threw a bullpen session on Tuesday.  There are mounds in the bullpen.  John Danks threw off of a mound!

It was just 20 fastballs and another game of long toss reportedly, and Danks was quick to mention that how quickly the soreness subsides is the real measure of his progress.

Still, it's the beginning of an actual rehab schedule rather than the limbo he was stuck in before.  It's a really long rehab schedule, though

John Danks on this being spring training says good description. "Almost like I'm starting from scratch." Took good 1st step in bullpen today

— Dan Hayes (@DanHayesCSN) July 24, 2012

Everyones getting promotions

White Sox minor league promotions are regularly thrown out with reckless abandon, so 20 year-old IF Carlos Sanchez getting bumped up AA after his hot 1st half that saw him make the Futures Game wasn't that unusual for them, and he's eased doubts by starting out 7 for 12.

However, OF Jared Mitchell--steadily whiffing away all the gains from his hot start to the season--getting moved to within one level of the major leagues, and P Jacob Petricka--who had a whopping 1.68 WHIP in High-A--getting promoted are both rather bizarre steps.

Trade Rumors

Such aggression leads to speculation that the Sox are trying to pump up the value of the trio, which is at least a semi-plausible idea for how to bridge the speculation on the White Sox involvement in talks for big-ticket acquisitions like Zack Greinke, with how they would actually be able to make a competitive offer.

Otherwise, all the gristle left on the White Sox trade rumor stories is Kenny Williams' reputation, and his own eagerness to affirm it.

“I think it’s safe to say if there’s been an impact person out there that can help this club, we’ve made that phone call,” Williams said Tuesday in an interview with Comcast SportsNet. “You’d be surprised at some of the phone calls we’ve made.”

Where there's a will...


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