Gavin Floyd has tendinitis, and now things get extra dicey

Gavin Floyd has tendinitis, and now things get extra dicey
Rode hard, put away wet // Brian Cassella, Chicago Tribune

Gavin Floyd was scratched from Monday's start in Boston due to soreness in his elbow and forearm.

It was enough to prompt a flight back to Chicago for an MRI, which was clean.  That's a relief, but also puts Floyd in the position of waiting and seeing if the hurt goes away, a territory that a handful of other White Sox pitchers have been fortunate enough to grace so far.

“He was complaining of general soreness,” Ventura said. “Everything looks fine, but he does have tendinitis, so we’ll skip him tomorrow. (We’ll) see how he is once we get him back in Boston. But as far as looking at the MRI, they said everything is structurally good, so it’s more soreness. So we move things around and once he gets back, it shouldn’t be a DL, but we’ll see when he gets back and how much soreness he has.”

Not to equate the situations, or say that Robin isn't being truthful, but this is pretty much the same language that was used for Jesse Crain's injury.  So Floyd could start Wednesday or Thursday, or this could linger for quite a while.  Crain, for his part, is at least on the way back.

In a perfect world, the surprise of Jose Quintana would give the White Sox six starters to choose from, and an adequate spare in the form of Dylan Axelrod.

Instead, Danks is MIA until TBD, Humber has to prove he belongs again, and Floyd--who was hardly the tree under which the Sox have found shade--is battling soreness, and the Sox could have to dig deep to find an 8th starter.

They do not have an 8th starter.

Simon Castro pitched on Sunday for three innings, but also just came off the DL.  Charlie Leesman hasn't worked since July 7th...where he worked a third of an inning and allowed four runs (though only one earned).

Since Wednesday isn't an actual gap in the rotation, just part of a plan to give everyone an extra day of rest, it would be worth it to just let everyone start as scheduled rather than punt the game.  Unless of course, Sale's Sunday outing merits more concern.

There's enough concern already set out for the first game of the series.  The White Sox were originally going to start Axelrod Tuesday, and Humber Wednesday in order to have him fully rested coming out of rehab.  But after Axelrod threw the last two innings of Friday's marathon, it was enough make Robin consider switching him to Wednesday.

Now, Axelrod is being pushed even earlier to Monday.  Granted, Axelrod is a rather fungible asset, and the Sox aren't betraying any future interests by riding him hard, but the returns from him working on short rest have not been good.

Boston isn't trotting out any studs of their own in turn (journeyman Aaron Cook, John Lester in the middle of a down year, homer-prone Felix Doubront, bullpen import Franklin Morales), so the Sox could slug their way to wins this week.

But that only covers them if this situation works itself out quickly.  The White Sox are sitting on a pile on viable pitching down the road, but unless Humber, Floyd, or Danks emerges, they're on the verge of being pushed to their 8th starter.  In which case, they'd need another surprise.


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