Morning notes: New players, better than the old players

Morning notes: New players, better than the old players
Players clearly hate A.J.'s nails // Johnny Andrews, McClatchy-Tribune

The White Sox have agreed to terms with their backflipping 1st round pick OF Courtney Hawkins for the full bonus allotment for his draft slot.  The deal is not official until Hawkins passes his physical, which might explain why Courtney tweeted this:

For the record I have not signed any type of paper work or anything I have no clue were this comming from lol #outyallsloop

— Courtney Hawkins (@CHawkins10) June 13, 2012

On the other side of the ledger, AAA starter and pitchability extraordinaire Terry Doyle has been released so that he can pursue opportunities in Japan.  He hasn't addressed the decision on Twitter, but there is this gem amongst the recent items in his feed.

@Tony26Montana let's be real... Sportsmanship is overrated

— Terry Doyle (@TerryDoyle32) June 10, 2012

Doyle was openly disappointed about being left off the 40-man roster after his breakout 2011 campaign, happy when the Twins gave him a momentary chance to get out of the organization, and with both Dylan Axelrod and Jose Quintana having been called up for starts ahead of him, it had to be clear things weren't going to change anytime soon.

Donkey ankles

Adam Dunn sprained his ankle Tuesday night during his home run trot, causing him to be scratched for Wednesday night's game.  If one has to sprain their ankle, a home run trot is the best way possible.

Certainly if Kendrys Morales were told that he had to fracture his leg and miss a season and a half of his career, he'd choose to break it on a home run trot.

Dunn pinch-hit Wednesday night, and didn't look supremely enfeebled running to 1st--even on a double play.  Mark Gonzales reports that he's questionable for Thursday.  It seems doubtful that this would be a problem if he were just DH'ing.

Pierzynski is still hated

The White Sox are all over a recent Men's Journal survey of 100 anonymous baseball players about personalities in the sport.  A.J. Pierzynksi with 34% of the vote, was named the most hated player in the game.  Orlando Hudson with 31% of the vote, was selected as the biggest trash-talker, and old friend Ozzie Guillen pulled in 36% of the voting for 'least-respected manager'.

The survey itself is obviously highly problematic in terms of sample size, and is more of a gauge for what reputations are around the league rather than anything else.

Hudson, of course, has a history of inviting attention to himself.  Guillen, has built a brand off the notion that he can't be trusted not to say something ridiculous, his attempts to self-deprecate about the importance of his role sometimes comes off as a genuine lack of concern, and he recently was shepherd to a disastrously unproductive team with a top 5 MLB salary.

Pierzynski is a somewhat unique case.  Choice anonymous quotes include ‘‘I’ve heard he’s a bad teammate,’’ “He’s been a [jerk] to guys on his own pitching staff’’ and ‘‘Basically, if you haven’t got five years in the big leagues, he treats you like you’re a peasant.’’

Beyond the hilarity of the peasant line, outside players' perception of how Pierzynski is as a teammate is about as relevant as fan reaction to the news.  Joe Cowley firmly defends A.J.'s methods, and is certainly a connected source inside the clubhouse.  But since A.J.'s accused as being hard on rookies, and Cowley is particularly sympathetic to the 'pay your dues' model, it might not do much to dismiss the concerns raised.

Pierzynski being a jerk with purpose has always been the perception, and this doesn't change anything.


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