Morning notes: draft/widespread injuries edition

Morning notes: draft/widespread injuries edition
For some reason this seemed like the photo to go with // Nuccio DiNuzzo, Chicago Tribune

Rounds 2 through 15 of the MLB First-Year Player Draft were completed on Tuesday, and the White Sox finally began to drift toward their traditional preference for college pitchers.

The second day was headlined by the selection of Christopher Beck, a 6'3" RHP out of Georgia Southern who had the credentials to go higher before a disappointing Junior year.  Future Sox has a complete draft tracker for the past two days, and profiles for Beck and 3rd round pick 2B Joey DeMichele.

While the pitching preference re-emerged, the Sox took another high schooler in catcher Jose Barraza in the 7th round, and showed a newfound interest in high-risk, high-potential selections.

If a competitive team led the front office to feel comfortable rebuilding the farm system, it's another reason to cheer.

Almost every selection is expected to be rather easy to sign.

The floating part of Konerko's wrist

Paul Konerko was scratched from Tuesday's game for a wrist procedure, the description of which, is a pretty grizzly read.

Manager Robin Ventura said Konerko had a chip in the wrist flushed out, adding it's a condition Konerko has had previously. Ventura said Konerko should be ready to play Wednesday.

Ventura is right, this is a procedure Konerko went through just last year.  At his age, with the level of activity his wrists is put through, small chips of his cartilage wearing away is something that can be expected for the rest of his career, but it's clearly manageable.

Danks and Morel

Orlando Hudson is pretty far away from All-Stare performance, but it's apparently good enough that the team will wait until every hint of Morel's back pain is gone before he's called up.  Given that Brent's career major league line is .230/.273/.338, there really should be no rush for the half-finished product.

Jose Quintana will be starting Wednesday, and will continue to occupy a spot in the rotation until John Danks, also, is completely pain-free.  There will be a rehab start in Charlotte to ensure this, but probably just one.

I remain nonplussed by Quintana, who has been successful with tremendous batted ball luck and no reliable breaking pitches.  Yet after Tuesday night's go-round with Humber, success is not to be sneezed at.


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