Kevin Youkilis is coming--reportedly

Jon Heyman, a man who's made his career reporting on these sorts of things, recently tweeted the following:

#chisox get youlikis according to sources

— Jon Heyman (@JonHeymanCBS) June 24, 2012

The word on the return package is still being formed, but for now, this is the best report.

White Sox have acquired Kevin Youkilis for Zach Stewart and utility player.

— David Kaplan (@thekapman) June 24, 2012

Seeing as both Stewart and all White Sox utility players are of negligible quality, it's hard to really quibble with them as a return for Youkilis, who's been bad (.233/.315/.377), but still worlds better that what the Sox have been getting from 3rd base.

UPDATE: The utility player is Brent Lillibridge, which doesn't change anything that I said.

More to come.


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  • In that Kenny Williams announced it at about 4:45, it seems official. Also, if the cost was Steward and Lillibridge, it was darn cheap. Seems like the Red Sox have been in several positions (including with regard to Theo) in which they didn't have much bargaining room. If nothing else, all the stories this morning about Youk sitting for Middlebrooks indicated that something was going to happen.

    Unfortunately, Lillibridge won't end up like Wade Boggs, noted for having been in bar fights at both Cheers and Moe's.

  • Some blogger named James wrote a really great tribute to Lillibridge last year:

  • In reply to Eddie Gaedel:

    I disagree with that James guy a lot, but he did well that time.

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