John Danks - Not quite as bad as initially feared!

John Danks - Not quite as bad as initially feared!
Maybe this is happening somewhere, right now // Jennifer Stewart-US PRESSWIRE

The White Sox official update on Danks' injury came Tuesday afternoon, and provided a specific timeline on his recovery.

That timeline is about as small as could have been expected.

Danks could have another rehab outing in three-to-four weeks, as the MRI revealed "a mild Grade 1 strain of the subscapularis muscle in his left shoulder."  Strains are classified as 'Grade 1 tears' which always prompts some confusion, but the condition of the muscle was described as having improved since the initial MRI that put Danks on the DL.

Some relief is indeed coming to the starting rotation, but it still makes for an interesting month ahead for shaking out the strugglers and contributors from Floyd, Humber, and Quintana.

The reduced timeline figures to reduce chances for more turnover outside of a trade of some kind, but since we're living in a world where Jose Quintana is probably watching videotape of the Brewers in preparation for another major league start right now, ruling out some barely-prepared AA call-up feels dangerous.


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