Afternoon notes: big night looming for Quintana

Afternoon notes: big night looming for Quintana
Everyone's talking about how to replace Hudson, meaning he truly has replaced Brent Morel // José M. Osorio, Chicago Tribune

Tuesday night is a large opportunity for Mr. Jose Quintana.

A quality outing versus a solid St. Louis lineup could do wonders for his major league future.  Throwing three peripherals-defying quality starts is a lot more impressive than throwing two, and the man who stands in his way--Philip Humber--has never been more vulnerable.

Of course, if striking out less than one batter every other inning results in a hit parade he can't stop, then everyone might groggily rub their eyes and wonder how they got to this point.

Draft picks signed

Supplemental round pick Keon Barnum has agreed in principle to a $950K bonus (just under slot), and 3rd round pick Joey DiMichele has signed with a $400K bonus.  For what it's worth, Jim Callis of Baseball America called the 2nd basemen DiMichele a "line-drive machine."   For what it's worth, Keith Law of ESPN said of Barnum that the big 1st basemen had "no business going on Day 1".

The Sox also signed 8th round selection RHP Zach Isler out of Cincinnati.  Maybe we'll hear some of these names again.

Danks rehab outing

John Danks just got through with his first rehab start with AAA Charlotte.  He threw four innings, 61 pitches, 34 for strikes, with a strikeout and a walk, allowing three runs, one of which was earned.  The only real important element of rehab outings is how the player feels health-wise, though in this case some might be looking for new confirmation that Danks is in fact, not terrible, or is now wildly different from the pitcher who struggled this season.

Since Danks didn't strike out 15 batters in a row, he didn't remove all doubt, but it was also his first time pitching in a live game in weeks.  There's a reason they make pitchers do rehab starts in games that don't matter.   Larry has a note about the defense he received.

As J.J. just wrote up, the brevity of the outing probably indicates there will be another.

Other articles worth reading

Larry from South Side Sox reminds that Gordon Beckham is still at an age and talent level where his development into a decent offensive contributor can be expected.

FanGraphs is onto the Sox troubles at 3rd base, isn't buying any of the in-house options, and makes the connection of 'gaping hole to unwanted 3rd basemen Kevin Youkilis' that most have already made.  Since it's not my money, a move for Youkilis that shades more toward salary relief for the ~$7M he's owed for the rest of the year than picking at what little minor league talent there is sounds just fine.  There's plenty to worry about in Youk's current performance too, though.

The Charlotte Knights won a crucial city council vote to award them $8 million for a new stadium.  I'm sure Chris is thrilled.

Former White Sox great Dick Allen--of the 1972 team that's being honored all year--stopped by Chicago Tribune Live last night.  He still wears the same glasses.


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  • C'est la vie, Charlotte.

  • In reply to Chris Lamberti:

    It's almost seems like you never expected the city of Charlotte to rise up as one and put a halt to a nationwide trend of subsidizing stadiums for millionaires.

  • In reply to James Fegan:

    What I didn't expect was 4 dissenters. Progress!

    It should be noted that Charlotte is putting up about $8 million from their tourism budget, which the city will attempt to recoup from hotel taxes (good luck with that). But the decision triggers an additional $8mil from Mecklenburg County, from property tax revenues. And also the Knights now get a $1/yr lease on a $20mil piece of government-owned property.

    It's a much smaller package than say, the $1 billion that Minneapolis recently pledged to the Vikings, but it's wasting millions of dollars on wealthy owners under the guise of 'investment' nonetheless.

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