Morning notes: More Orlando Hudson mania continues, for better or for worse

Morning notes: More Orlando Hudson mania continues, for better or for worse
Soon the hubbub will die and he'll easy naturally into being a mediocre utility infielder

Tuesday was Orlando Hudson's first official day on the roster--and Brent Morel's first on the DL--and he managed to get his feet wet.  O-Dog got in at the end of the blowout, singled, scored, and made a somewhat erratic throw to 1st on his only defensive chance.  He'll probably start Wednesday, barring Eduardo Escobar going nuts in batting practice.

Hudson didn't pull any disgruntled veteran routine when discussing having to adjust to 3rd base, and since Ventura pledged his allegiance to Morel when he comes back, he'll need to stay open to versatility.

"The worst player I've ever covered"

In keeping with the spirit of Hudson's debut, Jim Souhan of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune appeared on 670 AM The Score to condemn him as fervently as possible.  Souhan, who covered the 34 year-old middle infielder in his single year in Minnesota, characterized Hudson as a "fake hustle player", endlessly talkative, hated by all his teammates, and that his inability to secure a long-term contract is a product of him being so impossible to deal with.

Souhan is no stranger to launching indictments of players' characters, with Joe Mauer being his usual target.

If Hudson's clubhouse presence is only as poisonous as the lack of leadership Souhan regularly assails Mauer for, he may have a future here.  According to Mark Gonzales, he may even have friends already.

Hudson said other teams offered more playing time but he chose the Sox because he played with Jesse Crain (with the Twins) and Alex Rios (with the Blue Jays) and shares the same agent with Adam Dunn.

"When you're close to guys, it makes you feel more at home," Hudson said.

Heavy hearts

The Crosstown series obscured the fact that the Sox really haven't been home to mourn the loss of Kevin Hickey until this week.  The visitation was Monday, the funeral was Tuesday, and the performance that came later in the day makes more sense with that in mind.

‘‘A lot of mental emotions before we got here,’’ Konerko admitted. ‘‘We did the best we could, but it just wasn’t there tonight.’’

On a lighter note

Ron Karkovice will be serving as a White Sox representative at the draft on June 4th, which offers the opportunity to link to the interview he gave to Diamond Hoggers again.


League-wide attendance is up 6.7% from last year, but since the White Sox are in the bottom-five of the league, it should be no surprise that they're outside the bell curve on this one.  Through 20 home games, attendance at U.S. Cellular has seen an 8% dip from 2011, dropping from around 22,000 per game, to 20,000.

Are the White Sox Contenders?

There's a poll on the Tribune website asking if the White Sox are contenders (because the division is mediocre), or need to rebuild while they still can shop some assets.  The results are split, which could be expected since many fans just saw the team get poleaxed by the worst squad in the league.

It's a dilemma for sure, but isn't one that needs to be addressed in the immediate future.  There's time yet for more meandering around before trade decisions need to be made.


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