Afternoon notes: Hopefully Quintana can roll

Afternoon notes: Hopefully Quintana can roll
I was disappointed to discover he was not wearing a Pierzynski jersey // Chris Sweda, Chicago Tribune

Jose Quintana is making the start against the 1st place Indians tonight, and who can know what will happen.

He's a left-handed pitcher facing a predominantly left-handed lineup, and he sports a 2.77 ERA in AA Birmingham.  His strikeout rate is average, suggesting he's not overpowering.  His walk rate is good, but not great enough to say that he's a control-specialist.  His success seems to be based on escaping hard contact, which is the same trick he pulled in his one MLB appearance.

It's too soon--both in his career and in our exposure to him--to know if there's anything to that.

The Indians get no respect

The reliably outspoken Cleveland closer Chris Perez recently complained about the mainstream media's (particularly ESPN's) failure to acknowledge the division-leading Indians.

"They cover the Yankees and the Red Sox and how bad the Angels are. We’re doing our own thing. They’ll eventually turn. I saw a couple articles. We’re starting to get some love. It’s just we don’t have the star power. You look over there and you’ve got Cabrera and Fielder and Verlander and Valverde. But that doesn’t win baseball games. Good teams win baseball games."

If Perez is annoyed by more attention being given to the Tigers, he's not going to be too pleased with what the Royals are saying.

So the Royals, in this year when they were supposed to be so much better, are now eight games out of first place in the American League Central.

Or three games out ... because the Tigers lost again.

"That's the good news," Royals right fielder Jeff Francoeur said Wednesday. "They're keeping us in it."


"With the talent they have, [the Tigers are] the team to beat," Francoeur said.

Cleveland's 26-18 at the moment, but were 29-15 at this point last season, and a game farther ahead of the Tigers than they are now.  There's a sense that we've been here before with hot starts from the Indians, even if this year's team is supposed to be a step closer to contention than the previous version.

Snoop Dogg at U.S. Cellular

Famous rapper/actor/general entertainment person Snoop Dogg appeared at U.S. Cellular to throw out the first pitch, and predictably, hilarious culture clash ensued.

First, there was Snoop's pitch, a floater up in the strike zone that he described as both a changeup and a screwball.  That's fine, we have the same problems making that distinction with Hector Santiago

Second, there's Chris Sale's reaction in the video, which is that of a five-year old who just had Mickey Mouse show up to his birthday party.  Typically Danks is the one to catch the ceremonial first pitches.  He wasn't starting that night, so unless his shoulder was really bothering him, Sale might have done some maneuvering to be the catcher.

Third, there was Jake Peavy, who tweeted a photo of him and Snoop, and acknowledged the absurdity right out:

 What an odd couple! Fun watching all the different folks who make it thru the clubhouse during the year!…

— Jake Peavy (@JakePeavy_44) May 25, 2012

But no one handled it better than Robin, who deadpanned the best line of the night about Snoop.

"He's a big fan of mine."



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