5th starter vacancy prompts roster shuffle

5th starter vacancy prompts roster shuffle
I hear Stults has done commercials...in Japan // Credit: Chris McGrath, Getty Images.

This Chris Sale kid is really causing some problems

Since his move to the bullpen, the White Sox have had to take an unflattering look into their starter depth.  After RHP Dylan Axelrod nibbled and labored his way through 4.1 so-so innings Sunday, he was immediately optioned to Charlotte.  In turn, the team will take advantage of the new rule allowing them to carry 26 players on the day of doubleheaders, and bring up both LHP Eric Stults and LHP Jose Quintana for Monday.

The move probably shouldn't be looked at as being the effect of something Axelrod's performance caused.  He certainly didn't help his case to be the 5th starter going forward with Sunday's outing, but he's mostly on his way out because he's of no use to the pen after throwing 99 pitches, with no gripping need for a 5th starter until May 15th.

Stults is starting the second game of the doubleheader Monday night, while Quintana is another addition to the bullpen's absurd surplus of left-handed arms ,as they face a four-game set against Cleveland and their absurd surplus of left-handed bats.

Stults is a 32 year-old journeyman, and Quintana just got his first taste of AA ball this season.  Not much should really be expected from either, nor asked.  One needs to be gone by the end of Monday, and another is out once Jesse Crain returns.

The White Sox still have to make the decision of who needs be purged from the bullpen to make room for the new regular 5th starter, but not for some time yet.  Until then, a lot of Expedia Rewards points will be getting exhausted.

They could always avoid further roster shuffling by making Zach Stewart the 5th starter, which is just as good as any other option at any point.


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