Instant Rationalization - White Sox 4, A's 0

Instant Rationalization - White Sox 4, A's 0
The Bulldog goes West // Ezra Shaw, Getty Images

(This is a new feature, where WSO makes an effort to acknowledge the existence of individual games.  Rapid-fire!)

A big night for Jake and some middle of the order thunder continue this new trend of easy wins on the West Coast.

Key Contributors

Jake Peavy CG, SHO, 3 H, 0 ER, 5 K, 2 BB, 71 of 107 pitches for strikes - A lot of deep flyouts, and not as much swing and miss as before, but in the right park for this approach

Adam Dunn 1 for 3, HR (4), 2 BB, 2 K - First part of a back-to-back HR combo

Paul Konerko 1 for 5, HR (3), 1 K - The second part

Brent Morel(!) - 2 for 4, R, 0 K - Quite simply, the best he's looked all season

Alex Rios - 3 for 5 - Didn't lead to any runs, but holy crap, that's six hits in two days.

A's defense - 2 errors.  They deserved one more on the Viciedo "single".

Turning Point

Back-to-back solo HRs for Dunn and Konerko off Bartolo Colon in the 4th inning provided Jake Peavy with a lead he sat on for 9 innings.  Insurance runs from Beckham and Morel in the 9th were nice to see, but ultimately unnecessary.

Things Would Be Different If...

The game were played in a different ballpark.  Three runs for Oakland died at the track in the last two innings, and Peavy got 15 fly ball outs on the night.  Can't be blamed for taking advantage of one's own ballpark, though, let alone Oakland's.


Jake Peavy remains healthy and effective until further notice, if not overpowering or popping with velocity.  Encouraging work from Adam Dunn--who's already had his best month as a White Sox--and Alex Rios continues, Brent Morel flashed a pulse and some line drives to center field.  The A's just can't score at all, and look even worse when they play incompetent defense and Jemile Weeks is falling all over the place.

Oakland certainly don't look like prime competition, but if the White Sox are going to be anything at all this year, they'll need to bowl over lesser competition when it comes along, no matter the time zone.

Record 10-6, Tied for 1st place in the AL Central


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