Guess who's coming back (probably)!

Guess who's coming back (probably)!
Pictured: Another Doyle // Ben Woloszyn, Chicago Tribune

On a lark, I decided to check on Arizona Fall League sensation-come-Rule 5 selection RHP Terry Doyle.  The soft-tossing 26 year-old righty who was snatched away by the Twins because the White Sox expressed indifference to his existence, and is trapped in the land of pitch-to-contact unless he falls off the 25-man roster sometime this season.


T. Doyle - 2012 Spring Training

5.1 IP, 14 H, 10 ER, 3 BB, 2 K, 16.88 ERA

I think Doyle could be coming back, you guys!


UPDATE: DOYLE RETURNS....and is immediately optioned to AAA because holy crap, he's looked awful.


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  • Hey, there's a band called Doyle on MySpace! Not exactly mindblowing but this is: they have a song titled "New Season"! Doyle describes themselves as "new metal / post-hardcore," which may explain why, about 15 seconds into "New Season," I could actually feel my brain beginning to melt.

    Anyways, welcome back Terry (probably)! Good to know you are bad, exactly like we thought you were.

  • In reply to Chris Lamberti:


    In seriousness, the idea that he's someone who's flourished under the White Sox development but floundered elsewhere isn't absurd. Then again, his comments upon getting picked up by the Twins didn't make it sound like he was sad to leave, but that's probably because he was going from an organization that left him off the 40-man to one that was forced to put him on the 25.

  • In reply to Chris Lamberti:

    P.S. That picture is awesome and being used for ALL Doyle-related news. Also, the Sox should look into acquiring that volleyball player because she clearly just did something insanely great.

  • In reply to James Fegan:

    Yes. I think she's moving that volleyball with the power of telekinesis.

  • In reply to Chris Lamberti:

    Goodness me! With her telekinesis and frankly terrifying mound presence...I mean, if Mitch Mustain can get a minor league contract...

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