First round of obvious Spring Training cuts....and senryus!

First round of obvious Spring Training cuts....and senryus!
On the Trib website, Gordon Beckham is wrongly labeled as Delwyn Young in this photo. That's as close as we got, Delwyn // Debby Wong-US PRESSWIRE

They say that the first cut is the deepest.

"They", are clearly referring to a different type of cut, because the first round of Spring Training cuts are easy.  Maybe they're a bit harder for teams with real prospects, but with the White Sox, the first round of cuts only purged from the major league camp a collection of prospects playing way above their heads and obvious organizational filler.

  • C - Damaso Espino (Filler)
  • P - Jake Petricka (Over his head)
  • OF - Delwyn Young (Filler)
  • P - Brian Omogrosso (Some combination of the two)
  • P - Gregory Infante (Injured)
  • OF - Brandon Short (Very injured)

SS Tyler Saladino is in over his head too, but officially got promoted to big league camp!  You can't get rid of them all.

There's a concern that the White Sox have glanced at their reserve infield corps (accidentally typed "corpse" first time), saw two AAA slap-hitters and Brent Lillibridge cruelly shoved into a poor fit, then glanced back at Saladino--as good of a hitting prospect as they have--and started having Mike Caruso-level crazy ideas.

But that kind of fear and loathing can wait until he's still with the big club near the end of the Spring.  Even Jared Mitchell still hasn't gotten cut yet, and Jared Mitchell is getting cut.

Naturally, when players of this caliber are sent down to minor league camp--or in the injured Infante's case, AAA--the temptation is to memorialize them with short-form Japanese poetry.  Most choose haiku; it's short, and the standard is low because people expect you to be terrible at it anyway.  This is probably not the optimal choice, though.

While haikus are only primarily nature poems, at the heart of the poem needs to be the juxtaposition of two images, or subjects, which isn't good for pieces focused on single players.

On the other hand, the description for the senryu...

A senryu is a three line Japanese poem structurally similar to haiku. It is unrhymed and the subject is based human nature. It is usually satirical or ironic. perfect!  Without further adieu!

Senryu for Damaso Espino!

Minors catching depth

No fun google search results

Which is measure of man


Senryu for Jake Petricka!

He has a fastball

Needs more stuff than a fastball

Left to go find some


Senryu for Delwyn Young!

Named like other guy

Not as good as other guy

Other guy not good


Senryu for Brian Omogrosso!

Inning and a third

is a meaningless sample

unless it's that bad


Senryu for Gregory Infante!

Maybe all the walks

Were all just the darn oblique

Starting to explode


Senryu for Brandon Short

Even non-prospects

Deserve more fair and just fates

Heal swiftly, labrum


Jesse Crain also has an oblique strain, which is not considered be on par with say...the strain that put John Danks on the disabled list last season, but should keep him out of action until further notice.  Caution!

That's all there is for now.


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