Everyone's working on fastball command

Everyone's working on fastball command
Jared Mitchell can stand to work on it a bit too // Brian Cassella, Chicago Tribune

The White Sox got shelled again Wednesday, and lost the Brewers 10-6.  By the top of the 4th inning, both Jake Peavy and Dylan Axelrod had been knocked around, Jordan Danks had ran into a fence, and it was 8-0 Milwaukee.

The White Sox will lose as many Spring Training games as it takes for everyone to stop caring about these games.

Just to be sure, Matt Adams offered this:

2011 ST top records MIN & KC. 2010 Worst: Pitt & TX. Long way of saying that I'm choosing to remain in denial for all of Spring. @JRFegan

— Matt Adams (@2012WhiteSox) March 7, 2012



Jake Peavy gave nice insight into some of  the reasons why early Spring Training results are uh...how do you say...hooey

"I feel good.  Absolutely nothing on my body is hurting me.  It was fun to go out there and get my work in.  We really did nothing but work on fastball command, threw a few breaking balls.  Obviously the two balls that left the infield were first-pitch fastballs; guys were jumping on them and during the season you'll change it up a bit, but I feel real good.


"All in all, command was pretty good; I was throwing the ball where I wanted to and when we were missing it was only by a little bit.  Good day, good first step."

Oh well, sounds like he's finally healthy and saying he feels good, thank goodness that's ov--hey!  wait!  I've been here before!

But seriously, even though Jake like he was being extra careful to let everyone know he didn't really get lit up, it sounds like a fine reason to be positive--health was maintained and mundane warm-up goals were achieved.  If Zach Stewart and Dylan Axelrod want to jump on board with this explanation for why they didn't miss many bats, it'd be just fine.

The goal is to stay healthy, and it's way too early to be trying to do much else.

Peavy's issues with his contacts are getting tricky enough that he's ordered glasses.  As a Bulls fan, I have my preferences, but Jake should go with what he's comfortable with.


OF Jared Mitchell knocked a 2-run HR out to center on Wednesday, he's now 3 for 6 in the Spring with two going for extra bases.  All of those outs have been strikeouts, and there's no hint that any of the problems that have sidetracked his prospect status have subsided.

But he has great tools, which is why he got drafted in the first place, and it's been nice to see him healthy, racing around and flashing some power.  Also, it's nice to see him in a White Sox uniform...just in case that never happens for real.


Just last week, Director of Baseball Operations Dan Fabian stated that it was a organizational goal of the White Sox to keep all of their transactions under wraps and out of the press until completion.

That said, there's a rumor!

CBS' Jon Heyman thinks the Sox are pondering acquiring another veteran left-handed specialist for the bullpen, and candidates included Mike Gonzalez and former Whig Party member Arthur Rhodes.  Rhodes isn't even a Boras client!

While the Sox preoccupation with having oodles of lefties in the pen in recent years is a bit odd, if Thornton is going to be relegated to a more strict closer role--or traded at the deadline--it's understandable that they'd want more to work with than Will Ohman in late game lefty matchups.

I'd imagine aging lefty specialists still unsigned in Spring Training don't run too expensive, so it be hard to oppose such a move, especially if the initial looks at the organizational coffers haven't impressed.


Vernon Wells of all people, tabbed Alex Rios to have a comeback year in 2012.  Unintentionally casting Rios as fickle, Wells cited the move back to right field maybe being the key to Alex returning to his comfort zone.  Or maybe it's just society.



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