Sun-Times front page summary of Konerko quote is kinda lazy

The biggest question about Paul Konerko's Tuesday statements about it being possible for the White Sox to have a successful season without making the playoffs wasn't what he meant by it, but how such a concession would be reacted to.  Konerko himself said "I hope I don’t throw anybody off with this"

The front page capsule of the Sun-Times read "Konerko: Winning Isn't Everything"

That's getting pretty thoroughly thrown off.

The actual article is pretty much fine.  It definitely stays closer to the context than Rosenbloom's article, but extrapolating the quote into that sort of attention-grabbing headline seemed kinda lazy.

So in turn, here is a post that is only 112 words long.


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  • As they say, the reporter doesn't write the headlines.

    You sort of have the opposite in the blogosphere, including some neighborhoods of Chicago Now. Someone will put up a ridiculous headline such as "ObamaCare Is Unconstitutional," but when called on it (such as that 4 out of 5 Courts of Appeal say it isn't) just say that they were repeating what was on some other blog.

    At least you write your own posts, and take responsibility for what you write.

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