Reinsdorf tries clear out the fuss so everyone can focus on non-roster invites

Reinsdorf tries clear out the fuss so everyone can focus on non-roster invites
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There had been some word of trouble on the horizon.  Specifically...


I will kill peoples fellings no mercy i turn the page but they no let me a long then get ready going to be bad

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In response to that, Jerry Reinsdorf--probably the very best man for the job of reigning Ozzie Guillen in--decided to get out ahead of the storm.

“Regarding Ozzie Guillen’s departure as White Sox manager last September, I want to make it clear that he left with our organization’s blessing and at my urging," Reinsdorf said in a statement issued by the team. "Ozzie told me he wanted to finish out the year, the Marlins really wanted him in Miami for the conclusion of the season, and I told him that he had no choice but to go given the excitement surrounding the opening of their new stadium and the unveiling of their new uniforms.  Ozzie needed to be in Miami at the end of the season for the Marlins.

“We will always be grateful for the 21 seasons Ozzie spent in a White Sox uniform as a player and coach, especially his role in helping us win the 2005 World Series championship.  We wish him nothing but the best.”

The first response is that, yeah, this'll probably do it.  Guillen still maintains the utmost respect for Reinsdorf, and Jerry's effort to spare Ozzie's ego while all but formally requesting for the dispute to be settled should quiet any fires.

What's interesting is that this, if anything, only clarifies that Guillen's arrangement with the Marlins was long in development, and doesn't address the question of who initiated the contact.  But since the White Sox were properly compensated and Guillen's concerns have been properly assuaged, we're back to waiting for Ozzie's memoir on this one.  Provided that there's an editor, that's going to be quite a read.

But mostly, this was about damage control, and it looks like it's already working!


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That'll work!  Oh wait, nevermind.  Here's a better one.


My respect my friendship to jerry he is allway be a great man I don't care what people say

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Even better!  And took a shot at anyone thinking of suddenly jumping into the fray and criticizing Jerry Reinsdorf!  Stay back, jerkweeds!

(Oh, and there's this for full reference.  I warn that it's Cowley and doesn't contain much more information.  Ozzie hates Kenny Williams...that's in there.  You always knew, but not you know.)

That should be enough that we can direct focus back to the real meaty item of the day, the non-roster invites to Spring Tr--no wait, there's one more thing


HE'S STILL GOING AND GOING:@BlueJays sign Omar Vizquel, 44, to Minor League deal.

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Jeez, hose yourself down, MLB Twitter account.  Now that his 150-200 punchless plate appearances won't be coming in a White Sox uniform, I realize I'm completely tickled by the Omar Vizquel show continuing for another year.  Perhaps the Blue Jays really thought their crop of young-ish infielders could use some mentoring.  Good on them?

Now that that's out of the way....SPRING TRAINING INVITES!!!  They're the newspaper personal ads of the baseball world.  Fairly anonymous names, low expectations, and returns that tend to disappoint even those low expectations!  Let's run through them in appropriate fashion.

Minor-League Contracts

Brian Bruney - 29, RHP - Voluptuous, bearded, a familiar face looking for just a few innings a week and a nightly cribbage game with a tall, easygoing lefty

Eric Stults - 32, LHP - Want to talk about Japan?  I've been to Japan!  Probably going back someday!

Hector Gimenez - 29, C - Yes, the name is spelled correctly.  Please just give me a chance (7 big league plate appearances in 10 years).  I can catch.

Ray Olmedo -3 0, UTIL - Willing to role play, but only as Olmedo Saenz or Rey Ordonez.  Those are the terms.

Dallas McPherson - 31, 1B/3B - Was the next big thing back in '05.  Still big.

Delwyn Young - 29, OF - I can't hit it that well, but no one else can these days either.

Damaso Espino - 29, C - Here to fill the void that Donny left.  It's impossible.  I'm sorry.

Leyson Septimo - 26, LHP - I like it fast and wild.

Actual Prospects and very hasty assessments (no more personal ad style)

Tyler Kuhn - 25, UTIL - The next Brent Lillibridge.  Compliment?  Compliment.  Wait, compliment?  Yes.'

Jared Mitchell - 23, OF - I don't want to talk about it.  No one does, in fact.

Brian Omogrosso - 27, RHP - He's in camp and has gotten past Double-A, so thus he is a candidate to make the bullpen.

Jake Petricka - 23, RHP - Right now, all he has consistently is a plus-fastball.  Maybe he's the next Easy Heat.  Maybe he'll throw a few innings and get sent down to minor league camp.

Michael Blanke - 23, C - Hasn't been particularly interesting with the bat since leaving Rookie Ball, which puts him one step further along than Kevan Smith!

Josh Phegley - 23 (24 by camp), C - Hit for a .660 OPS in Double-A, got promoted and hit for a .693 OPS in Triple-A!  Hey now!  Hooooo man, he's not good at defense.

Jim Gallagher - 26, 1B - Wait?  Prospect?  Oops...well, I'm not making another list.

Jordan Danks - 25, OF - One wonders if the White Sox still have to push his prospect status now that older brother is locked up long-term, but seeing as he's has a tool (defense), maybe he'll make the big league roster.

Brandon Short - 23, OF - Will hit for a decent enough average in Spring Training that some will wonder why he isn't better thought-of, without realizing that he combines it neither with walks nor power, and has yet to do differently in the minors.

Trayce Thompson - 20, OF - Maybe he'll sock a dinger or two before he's sent down.  Dingers are sweet.

Keep in mind that every member of the 40-man roster is an automatic invite.  All of these guys.  So Nestor Molina, Simon Castro, The Legend of Donnie Veal; they'll all be there.

Hey, here's a video of Brent Morel talking aloud.


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