White Sox holiday gifts that merit my mockery

Has it already gotten to December 24th without a post mocking some of the odder gift selections on whitesox.com?  That's embarrassing!  Certainly more embarrassing than the concept of writing a post such as this in the first place!

If you're really hard-up for White Sox news, it is rumored that they're open to trading Gavin Floyd.  More on that later, especially if it moves beyond the conceptual level.

All the images below are product views from the store on whitesox.com.  Yes, even the last one.



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  • So what exactly is that last thing on the tree?

  • In reply to moonlightdoll:

    There's a longer answer that could be given about how it's man's sins come home to roost, coming to claim the lives of children in the night.

    Or I could give the link


  • Hilarious. But maybe James missed a few?:

    -The Alex Rios "Sacks O Money" truck. Bobblehead Alex Rios in the driver's seat of a toy dump truck, filled with $40mil in play money comprised of bills decorated with Reinsdorf's portrait under the banner "In Kenny We Trust." Teaches your kids the value of financial prudence. Adam Dunn "Sacks O Money" truck driver sold separately.

    -The White Sox mini-fridge branded as "Adam Dunn Home Gym."

    -The "Twin Killing" horror film, a cult classic and favorite in the White Sox clubhouse. Footage of the Twins scoring a run on the Sox via a walk, bunt base hit, and sacrifice fly--plus many other acts of grindiness--intercut with clips of Amazon piranhas devouring a helpless water buffalo.

  • In reply to Ham N Egger:

    Given that the White Sox ticketing department termed Juan Pierre as "a fan favorite" during the nadir of his maelstrom of a 2011, I can't imagine them adapting a fun, sardonic look at the product, but then again, some maniac approved "White Sox Forest Face".

  • I thought you guys might get a kick out of this one -


    Calcaterra gets a little crazy this time of year too.

  • In reply to Charlemagne:

    Crazy? We're not crazy! We're BORED! There's nothing!

    Friggin do something, Williams! Trade Konerko, sacrifice Morel to the Gods, throws a flaming trash barrel out the window at a passing school bus! Just make it stupid and noteworthy!

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