Mark Buehrle wins his 3rd-straight Gold Glove, A.J.

Mark Buehrle wins his 3rd-straight Gold Glove, A.J.
Buehrle likes trophies // Brian Cassella, Chicago Tribune

It probably comes as no shock to any regular reader that I regard Mark Buehrle winning his 3rd Fielding Bible Award on Monday as a greater accomplishment than capturing his 3rd-straight Gold Glove on Tuesday.

For some reason, managers and coaches have not proved to be as reliable of a voting population as they would figure to be.  Occasionally atrocious mistakes like Rafael Palmeiro in 1999 dot a regular tendency to miss the most deserving candidate, and as Rany Jazayerli noted on Twitter, the lack of a competent run-off voting system doesn't help matters.

Still, it remains the mainstream award for some reason, gets listed on career resumes and commemorative plaques when it's all said and done, and if anyone deserves to get hardware for hardware's sake, it's Buehrle.  He's earned it, and deserves the honor it purports to bestow.

Shuffling up alongside and adding whimsy to the whole process was A.J. Pierzynski, who quite strangely snagged a nomination for best AL catcher, before losing out to a very-deserving Matt Wieters.

It's not as if A.J. Pierzynski is devoid of any defensive value, or if his career with the glove should be derided at every opportunity.  Pierzynski brings effort and thoughtfulness to his pitch selection and game management, his work ethic is tremendous, and his accomplishment of a 10th-straight 1,000 inning season bears that out.

Maybe the managers and coaches were honoring that feat, but they'd also be ignoring the season they spent running on Pierzynski at every opportunity they had, or every inning that was extended for them on a dropped 3rd strike.  Or as Rany pointed out, maybe a just few misguided outliers poked out from the static.

Thank goodness for Buehrle, who's great enough to validate it all.


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