BREAKING: Guillen doesn't like Cooper, White Sox have still not named a hitting coach, Paul Konerko was a good minor league player

BREAKING: Guillen doesn't like Cooper, White Sox have still not named a hitting coach, Paul Konerko was a good minor league player
ACTUAL CAPTION: Ozzie Guillen says the Chicago White Sox should make t-shirts to support his employment // Nuccio DiNuzzo, Chicago Tribune

The initial reaction to a Joe Cowley column including such quotes from Ozzie Guillen as

"We all knew Coop was Kenny’s b----"


"The Sox were saying, ‘Yes, we want to f--- you, but we don’t want to marry you.’ ’’

might be "Wow! What a bombshell!"  Colorful language catches the eye like that, and certainly this article could convince me that the Ozzie Guillen statue won't be erected during Kenny Williams' GM tenure.

Beyond that, there's a lot of regurgitation from the last straight-from-Ozzie's-mouth missive.  Ozzie resents Cooper for having his future secured, claims to have gone to bat for him multiple times, all while going through his struggles with Kenny Williams for the extra security he coveted.  Also, there's that part about Guillen and KW probably despising each other.  This has been covered.

It's easy to understand that Ozzie felt alienated when he saw the White Sox pushing to retain his assistant while being unmoved by his extension demands.  It's not as easy to sympathize with him after he took out his frustration by mailing in the season, and took time out to secure his getaway before the year even closed out, with a year left on his deal no less.

On the plus side, while Ozzie found the notion of Paul Konerko the player-manager ridiculous (who didn't?) there is still no one willing to say a bad word about Robin Ventura.  It'll come.  It'll come.

Still no hitting coach

Despite being expected to decide between two organizational candidates last week, the White Sox have yet to name a hitting coach.  Leaving the matter unsettled like that, really opens the door to speculation.

"...Don’t rule out the Sox making a play for a bigger name such as Jim Thome.

Chairman Jerry Reinsdorf loves Thome, 41, whose playing career likely has come to an end after 21 seasons and 604 home runs. The two share the annual habit of meeting for dinner to talk about life and baseball after the season, and a major-league source said Reinsdorf was eager to move this year’s meeting up."

Lots of speculation!  In that vein, Frank Thomas was looking in great shape at Binny's on Friday, and he had nothing but kind words for Robin Ventura, AND he was with CSN Chicago's Chuck Garfien!  Next year as DH/Hitting Coach/Locker Room Reporter?!!?!!!!

They really should just name a hitting coach already.

Paul Konerko - Hall of Famer

In a move apparently announced back in August that I completely overlooked, Paul Konerko is being inducted into the Arizona Fall League Hall of Fame.

This doesn't seem to have anything to do with his actual performance with the 1996 Sun City Solar Sox (Konerko claims to have hit .210), just the perks of being an alum with an awesome career.

Paulie handled the announcement perfectly.

"Anytime you get put into any Hall of Fame it's kind of cool."


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