Ozzie Guillen's contract extension demands - There's a disconnect

Ozzie Guillen's contract extension demands - There's a disconnect
What are there like, 5000 pictures of him like this? // Jason Miller, Getty Images

Just in case the White Sox brass was under the impression that there was a slight chance they could give one more try, one more year, to their longtime manager in the wake of the worst performance of his career, he reiterated Tuesday that without an extension--an enthusiastic multi-year commitment to more of his leadership--he would not like to return.

Ozzie also said, on the topic of the Sox abysmal 2011:

"It makes you wonder if you're that good. That makes you wonder if you're managing well, if my coaching staff did their job."

If you're following, while Guillen will admit one could be questionable of his performance in a season like this, he should not have to be in a position to question whether he's returning the season after next due to his performance.


"A lot of people have to look themselves in the mirror from the top to the bottom to see if we did right thing with this ballclub this year."

[On Dylan Axelrod] "He had a pretty good game and what do we have to lose?" Guillen said. said. "Give the kid the opportunity to perform."

Glances in the mirror must not be particularly revealing, because they certainly don't promote change.  He still trots Rios and Dunn into the heart of the order, places the hesitant Rios at the most important spot in the outfield as a defensive replacement whenever he doesn't start, and will call for bunts from Gordon Beckham and Alexei Ramirez no matter how terrible they are at it, or how many hits they may already have in the game coming into that particular plate appearance.

And his realization that there's no reason to hold back youngsters at this point has defined limits.

They can come via injury, where Quentin's bawky shoulder gives the superlative De Aza the right to play platoon buddies with Viciedo, or Stewart and Axelrod get to combine to replace Jake Peavy.

They can come inexplicably, where his newfound appreciation for Tyler Flowers has coincided with Flowers massacring his own prospect status, or where phenom Addison Reed is on the same workload as walkaholic Shane Lindsay.

Or they won't come at all, where Eduardo Escobar might as well not be here.  Even if he will be next year.


“Only two gods know, Jerry’s God and the real God know what my future is going to be here."

Finally, here's Guillen playing innocent and humble as if the decision on his job status is out of his hands, when it's him forcing the issue, instead of enjoying the fruits of his labor.

When Ozzie got his option for 2012 picked up, he earned crappy-year insurance.  Even if 2011 was a disaster (lo and behold), with the enormity of the payroll and Reinsdorf's fondness for him, he'd have to push Kenny Williams out of a window for his boss to pay a year's salary just to be rid of him.

Instead, he's daring the White Sox to fire him by trying to browbeat ownership into a brazenly foolish business decision.  All in the name of more security.

It doesn't match up.  None of this does.


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  • Another alternative is whether Florida is willing to trade for him and what they are willing to trade.

    Say, Ozzie and Rios for a couple of prospects.

    However, Ozzie seems to be forcing the other two gods' hands. One of them may have created the world in 7 days, but probably won't make a decision before Ozzie's vacation.

  • I think manager-for-players is highway robbery enough

  • In reply to James Fegan:

    There has to be some way to resolve the outstanding contract, one way or the other.

    Otherwise, it is basically whether Jerry and Kenny wait for Ozzie to quit or find it easier to fire and pay him.

  • In reply to jack:

    Latest rumor is that they'll wait out his decision

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