It wasn't even a remotely pleasant baseball season, but it was still a baseball season, and it's over

It wasn't even a remotely pleasant baseball season, but it was still a baseball season, and it's over
Oh, you make me so sad // Brian Casella, Tribune Photo

Welp, 79-83.  A destination reached thanks a 3-2 loss to the Blue Jays achieved in familiarly awful fashion.

I've written a few 'this loss really summed up this crappy season!" posts, and I'm starting to feel they were unnecessary and obvious.  Of course those losses felt familiar, the White Sox lose the same way all the time.

Wait, no.  They lost.

Ha!  It's in the past!  How marvelous!  This doomed identity, where the Sox are simultaneously bad at getting on base but still able to strand so very many runners, stopped existing Wednesday afternoon.

Surely it stopped mattering that another great Phil Humber start was wasted by a sudden control breakdown by Chris Sale, minutes after it happened.   The annoyance of watching Juan Pierre ending the season by capping an 0-5 day was immediately made better knowing that he's probably gone.  The merits of a year where he hit singles at a .278 rate and occasionally walked will get trumpeted once more when he's passed on, then never again.

Still, Wednesday was a dull thunk at the end of the series that otherwise delivered heaps of appropriate bittersweetness.  A swift reminder of how frustrating the White Sox have been, and how easy it should be to move on.

I doubt it will be.  If Wednesday's crazy night of baseball proved anything besides how much better the Rays are than the Sox, it's how much raw excitement the sport can pack.

I'll miss tuning in every day hoping for the Sox to do something similar, despite how rarely they provided triumphant excitement, or even satisfying competence.  Maybe it was the memories of '05 and '08 bleeding through, or perhaps Alexei's April homer-hands, Quentin's 3-HR night in Texas, and the balk-off strung me along just enough.

Obviously, not every loyal White Sox fan felt that way, and frankly there's just as much excitement to see to what degree the 2011 team will be burnt away.  That, alongside what could be a great playoffs (and more on that tomorrow), will be enough to string things along for now, but it's 190 days till more White Sox baseball, and that's always rough.

Notes and things (since that wasn't even 400 words)

-Hawk Harrelson signed a 4-year contract to stay on as broadcaster for Comcast Sports Net.  So many thoughts come to mind

  • Man, do I hate Comcast.  Not the channel, or anyone at CSN Chicago, but just...whenever I hear that name.  Grrrr...(eats internet bill)
  • I love Hawk, and watch highlights just to hear his excitement.  It does kind of stink that everyone hates the White Sox because of him though.
  • Harrelson is 70 years old, and we're hurtling to 'die in the booth' territory at an uneasy rate.

-Greg Walker is stepping down as hitting coach, disspelling rumors that this was totally already determined the day before.  Listening to the players react, it's clear the wicked witch of the West wasn't just canned, but Walker really lacked the objective results to survive a housecleaning.

-Kenny Williams is said to have strong favorites for the new manager, which really reducesthe chances that it's Don Cooper, seeing as Don's just hanging around, waiting for something...Sandy Alomar and Dave Martinez seem to be the conventional wisdom.  In that order.

-Joey Cora was allegedly told not to come to the ballpark via text message, which seems kind of slapdash and unprofessional.  Kenny Williams now has given a different version of the events.  Now I have no idea what happened!


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