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While I still don't have the time for a post-mortem weekly recap of the contention-ending four-game skid where the White Sox failed to get a competitive start out of any of the four pillars of their starting rotation, there seems to be a diffusion of responsibility going on currently at 35th & Shields that bares mentioning.

It stuck out to me because hey, that's what happens at workplaces where everybody thinks they're going to get fired!

Jim Margalus already covered it with a hilariously and intentionally disjointed flow chart of what the organizational hierarchy of the Sox would be if everyone's words could be taken at face value.

Kenny Williams is the larger architect of the franchise, and it's hard to ignore that his marquee free agent acquisition of the offseason and his '09 waiver-wire gambit both conspired to sink the season, foreseeable or not.  Perhaps as an indirect result, he's tried to implicate his hitting coach for botching the development of what little cost-controlled talent he has, prompting a shouting match with said coach where Kenny apparently fired him...only to be overruled and talked out of doing something as simple as firing the hitting coach for a below-average offensive team.

Amusingly, Reinsdorf tried to play down the incident by saying that Kenny yells at pitching coach Don Cooper all the time.  Well, phew then.

Ozzie has made a point of being the guy to say 'Blame me', but has done that while asking for a contract extension as well as the retention of his entire coaching staff.  The link provided was a Joe Cowley article, so one would put the level of sincerity of Guillen putting his neck out there as 'non-existent to middling'.

So yeah, there's blame to go around.  The mood of owner Jerry Reinsdorf has sent the signal that there will be hell to pay, so a jostling for position has commenced.

If there's a reason to believe there will be changes in the coaching staff or the front office this off-season, it's because that's something the White Sox can do.  With a desperate need to take a step back from this no-man's land of having a highly-expensive, unmarketable and unsuccessful team via payroll cuts.  The bad contracts can't go anywhere, so productive yet expensive players could be the ones purged.

That's far from exciting, so the Sox may be best served to change the window dressings by insisting to fans that at least the leadership for this sinking ship will be changed.  Much like how Ozzie Guillen stickers were slapped on the same product in 2004.

It should be an interesting off-season, but man, it sure won't be happy.


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  • The implication in the Bruce Levine article that apparently only Jerry has the authority to hire coaches seems strange. Usually, the manager can, but if the manager can't, and the general manager can't... and Ozzie saying it was between Kenny and Walk ...

    ... also, given that Walker previously said on the radio that they (i.e. he) haven't figured out how to coach Dunn, and in that piece is talking circles about Beckham.

  • In reply to jack:

    Well, I imagine Jerry has to approve of any selections he makes. I simultaneously don't doubt the sincerity of Walker's efforts nor his skill, but don't think it'd be the worst thing if a new guy came in and gave those two a look. They're not getting anywhere as is.

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