'Waiting for the World to Change' is an even worse motto than it was a song

'Waiting for the World to Change' is an even worse motto than it was a song
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This is just piggybacking on the posts laid out by HighOPS of the Detroit Tigers blog Bless You Boys and by larry of South Side Sox.

BYB featured a chart detailing what rate every other team needs to win to beat out the Tigers, at varying levels of Detroit performance.  The cross-section that stuck out to me was that the White Sox need to play at a .667 rate to catch the Tigers if they play at a .540 clip to finish the the season.

That was before the Tigers won Monday night.  Detroit is now .543 on the season, so .540 seems like the most likely clip for them.  Maybe they're capable of more, but that's just too bleak to fathom.  To reach .667, the Sox don't need to simply play well, or hold the line, they need to go on an effin' tear.

Enter larry, who stresses the need for urgency during Carlos Quentin's uncertain absence.  The White Sox simply cannot afford to try to tread water with Alex Rios or the Lillibridge/Dunn 1B platoon while their second-best hitter is on the pine...especially if it's indefinite

It's August 23rd, so the only way (short of a Jim Thome waiver wire absurdapalooza) to scrounge up a fascimile of Quentin's production, or install a plus bat capable of jump-starting the offense, is sitting in Charlotte and has below-average range.

It's not in the dugout, it hasn't been all year.


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