Sometimes I wonder why we'd ever want to know what the players are thinking

Sometimes I wonder why we'd ever want to know what the players are thinking
The President's daughter has been kidnapped. It's up to us. // Brian Cassella, Chicago Tribune

Beckham doesn't need to talk to put his foot in his mouth

In case you missed--and it's doubtful seeing as the Sun-Times devoted their entire back page to it--Gordon Beckham did something foolish this week.  He wrote "Getz is gay" in the infield dirt Monday night while playing the Royals (whose 2nd baseman is former Sox, Chris Getz), and it was spotted by fans in the upper deck.  Given Beckham's history with Getz and his own comments, we can safely conclude that this was more of the garden-variety clubhouse-style homophobic ribbing and not something more sinister where Gordon thinks 'gay' is a synonym for 'slugging under .300'.

“Wow,’’ Beckham said, stunned when informed that fans in the upper deck at U.S. Cellular Field noticed his foot scratchings, slowly discerned the politically incorrect joke and found it quite unfunny.

“Wow,’’ said Beckham again, looking as if he had seen a thousand ghosts and Bob Gibson on the mound. “Chris is one of my best friends. It was a joke. I didn’t know anybody could see. I didn’t mean anything, you know?’’


“I just want you to know that that’s not me,’’ he said. “I don’t use slurs. I have a lot of gay friends. I didn’t mean it as anything ­— you know, like gay as in . . . happy! Or, you know, an alliteration — ‘Getz is gay.’ ’’

I know I shouldn't be, but I'm amused that Beckham's first reaction appears to have been utter shock that someone picked that out from the upper deck.  It's hard enough to understand movements from up there, let alone display reading comprehension.

Gordon claims to be above such displays of ignorance, and there's reason enough to take him at his word.  As a fellow 24 year-old, I would say that that type of crass and intolerant language is something that gets ingrained in you young, and often it takes more than a sensitivity lecture to get it out of your system.  Sometimes the wrongness of it has to hit you very personally or publicly.  In which case, here you go, Gordon.

Your typical heroes

“Me and Alex, we’ve been as bad as you could possibly be, and if we’re doing half of what we normally do, we’re not even talking about [struggling offensively],” Dunn said, then issuing a promise that could but a catch in the South Side faithful’s throats. “Me and Alex talked about it, and we’re putting it all on us in the second half, basically.”

Rios and Dunn even interacting at all seems like fertile breeding ground for a misfit buddy comedy, but the added absurdity of the two of the worst players on the team huddling up and deciding to save the season together is just, well, it's not exactly akin to Watson and Holmes meeting up for the first time.

I humbly present, the career 1st half/2nd half splits of Rios and Dunn's career

Alex Rios

1st half: .279/.331/.445

2nd half: .271/.318/.422

Adam Dunn:

1st half: .245/.377/.526

2nd half: .247/.375/.491

Keep in mind that both totals include their awful starts to the first half, making the splits look a little less pronounced than they have been.  Both players just seem to lose their power as the season wears on.  This isn't a complete condemnation of their chances to have a resurgence, and both have had torrid finishes to close the season before, but these guys are over 30--Rios plays very often in a physically demanding position--and looking about as far away from their primes as ever.  Consider me skeptical.

Though while Dunn pressing sounds like the worst thing in the world, it's good to be provided with hearsay of Alex Rios being invested in the team, or just talking at all.*

*Rios didn't have a pulse on the field last season either, it's how he is.  If he were mashing the ball and playing Gold Glove defense, we'd be calling him 'cool as a cucumber' or 'The Silent Assassin' or something, but he can't hit and throws the ball to nowhere in particular, so we wonder if he gives a crap.


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