Site updates, links, Doug Davis - Pretty much the most exciting post ever

Site updates, links, Doug Davis - Pretty much the most exciting post ever
Prepare to never see this face // Phil Velasquez, Chicago Tribune


Per the instructions of my boss, I've added a widget on the right rail to allow for email subscriptions, it's located right underneath that picture of me passed out next to my Dad.  Just enter your address in, and you'll start receiving emails for with every post.  If you prefer RSS feeds--and I do, because they're great--just type 'rss' at the end of the url and press 'enter', and you'll be taken to a page to subscribe to a feed.

Any questions on this can be left in the comments and will be answered with a quickness reminiscent of a young Ray Durham.


Time was I put daily links at the end of every post, then I resolved that I would start putting more links after the WordPress changeover and it got easier to do.  Yet here we are, with me ignoring the great work of my peers regularly.

Mike got back in the act at White Sox Watch, assessed the team's first half and how they need to generate some excitement going forward.

Jim took the All-Star week to examine some deeper White Sox culture questions.  He looked at the Rios-Dunn pledge, admonished the Sox for the deferential attitude they have toward the Twins, and continued his series on being appalled at the way the team has mismanaged Peavy, albeit with Jake's help.

Colin at South Side Sox scouts Sergio Santos and absolutely adores what he sees, and if you haven't yet read his deep examination of Adam Dunn's struggles, it's worth your time.

J.J doesn't like trading Edwin Jackson nor Carlos Quentin, examines the White Sox approach to paying young players, looks at the possibility of losing Rick Hahn, and says Mark Buehrle probably isn't a Hall of Famer.

FanGraphs has had a White Sox focus too; looking at the possibility of a rebound for Dunn and Rios.

White Sox sign Doug Davis

Whenever a team has rumors circulating around trading a starter (Jackson), and seems to be hedging their bets by signing a below-average veteran starter (Davis), that can incite some worthwhile panic.  However, Brett Ballantini assures that Davis is being acquired just to eat innings in Triple-A.  This is a relief, but also means two things that are pretty clearly awful.

-The White Sox needed to look to free agency to compensate for the loss of Lucas Harrell.  This Lucas Harrell.

-Just another bad statement about the starting pitching depth in the minor league system.

-We're still one bad case of ranch dip away from Doug Davis.

White Sox just beat Justin Verlander.

That's cool.  More on that later.


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  • We're still one bad case of ranch dip away from Doug Davis.


  • Yeah, but we're talking about one absolutely hellish batch

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